Labourer on 2 counts of armed robbery remanded


Twenty-four year-old labourer Jerome Smartt from ‘C’ Field, Sophia Reserve, Greater Georgetown was on Wednesday remanded to prison by City Magistrate Fabayo Azore after bail was refused on allegations that he carried out two armed robbery attacks on March 29, 2018.

He was accused of using a hand gun in the company of another to rob Jamal Angus of US $200, 1 HTC mobile phone valued $26,000 cash and $1,100. Smartt swiftly denied the charge.

He was also accused of using a hand gun to rob Donald David of his cellphone valued $40,000 on the same day in question at Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, However, Smartt also entered a not-guilty plea for this offence.

The court heard that a search was conducted on the accused where a cell phone was found in his possession.

However in Smarrt’s version of events, he said that he found the phone on the road and added that he is in fear for his life. He said that police forced him to confess to the crimes and he complied.

However, the presiding Magistrate remanded him to prison based on objections raised by Police Prosecutor Simon Payne over the serious nature of the offences.

The labourer will make his next court appearance on April 25 at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.



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