Labourer lands in court for allegedly stealing ‘bowl of food’


A 42-year-old man on Tuesday changed his not guilty plea to guilty when he appeared before Magistrate Annette Singh at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court facing charges of breaking and entering.

food 2Rafeek Alli, a labourer was placed before the court to answer charges which state that on December 10th 2015 in Georgetown, he broke and enter the dwelling place of Micheal Lynch and stole a bowl of food, one kitchen knife valued at $450 and one shirt valued at $7500.

The court heard that on the said date at around 12:05 hours the Virtual Complainant (VC) went home to eat lunch when he saw Alli coming out of his home. Upon closer inspection the VC stated that he saw Alli carrying a bowl of food that his wife cooked along with a kitchen knife from his kitchen and a shirt in his back pants pocket.

The accused was arrested and charged for the said offence.

Inews understands that all articles that were stolen were retrieved and handed over to the VC.



  1. A hungry man is an angry man..there will be many more like him–this is what the APNU morons have created –many hungry people.

  2. ”…… kitchen knife valued at $450 and one shirt valued at $7500……”
    Am I reading correctly or is this a typographical error with regards to the cost of these items? How can the ordinary working man/woman afford to buy a shirt for that amount of money? Aren’t they being ripped off by those who sell that kind of shirt? The knife probably has gold plated blade. No wonder that poor, hungry chap did what he did, taking another’s property with his consent.


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