Labourer crushed to death from falling log at Linden


A Wismar, Linden resident lost his life on Thursday morning when he was crushed to death by a log which fell off a truck in the sawmill where he works.

Now dead is Stephan Brathwaite called ‘Grinch’,  20, of lot 100 Block 22 Squatting Area Wismar, Linden.

The accident occurred at around 08:30h while the man was said to be servicing a truck which the said log was on.

INews understands that while at the Sawmill and Lumber yard located at Blueberry Hill Wismar, Linden, the deceased went to a truck to draw fuel from the tank to fill another truck.

While extracting the said fuel, one of the logs slid off the truck and pinned him to the ground across his abdomen and thighs causing his intestine to protrude.

Several employees of the said sawmill heard the commotion and promptly went to the aid of Brathwaite and he was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex.

However, he was pronounced dead on arrival there.

An investigation is in progress.


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