Laborer stabbed to death during fight with housemate  


Forty-five-year-old Khemraj Sukhna also called “Bowe” of Coconut Dam, Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was on Saturday evening stabbed to death during a fight with his housemate.

Based on reports received, Sukhna and the suspect reportedly live at the same address. However, on the night in question, the two men were consuming alcohol at a shop in the village when an argument broke out between them which later turned into a fight.

The suspect, nevertheless left the shop and went home while the now dead man remains on a nearby bridge.

After sometime, Sukhna went home, another argument developed following by scuffle.  It was at this time, the suspected reportedly armed himself with a knife and stabbed the labourer to his chest and left arm.

As a result of the injury, the man collapsed on a mattress in the verandah where he died. <<<Inews>>> understands that at about 2:00h on Sunday, the suspect went to the Cane Grove Police Station where he reported that he and the now dead man were involved in a scuffle during which the victim fell on a knife and remained motionless.

The suspect was escorted to the scene where Police found Sukhna in a pool of blood. From all indications, he sustained one stab wound to his right-side chest and another to his left arm.

A blood-stained knife suspected to be the murder weapon was found next to Sukhna’s body.

Meanwhile, during investigations, injuries were seen on the suspect’s head and feet but he claimed that he received same during a scuffle with the now dead man. He was taken into custody pending charges.

The body was taken to the Lyken’s Funeral Home awaiting a post mortem.