La Grange officers who witnessed traumatic murder-suicide to get counselling- Williams


Ranks who witnessed the traumatic incident on Tuesday last at the La Grange, West Coast Demerara police station where a young police constable attacked a woman constable- his girlfriend- and then committed suicide will receive counselling.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Williams

This is according to Assistant Commissioner, Paul Williams on Friday afternoon in an interview with media operatives at the Police Training Centre.

“Anytime ranks are exposed to traumas of such, they would be engaged with counselling,” he said.

Further, he explained to the media that he was unaware that the now dead 20-year-old  Clement Cockfield and 21-year-old, Shanice Fraser were in a relationship, while highlighting that had he known, they would not have been stationed at the same location.

“… Ranks will be separated. They would not be allowed to work continuously at a station…I was unaware that such was happening,” he posited.

Dead: Clement Cockfield

According to Police reports, the two Constables worked different shifts at the La Grange Station and on Tuesday last, Cockfield reported for anti-crime patrol duty and uplifted a .38 service revolver with six rounds, while Fraser had just completed a tour of duty.

A few minutes later, they were seen on the stairway of the Police station and gunshots were subsequently heard.
It was reported that Fraser ran down the stairs into the yard and was seen bleeding profusely.

She was assisted by other ranks on duty when Cockfield pursued her and discharged more shots at her.

Fraser attempted to escape the enraged man but collapsed in the station’s compound. The Police further stated that other ranks pleaded with Cockfield to stand down but instead he turned the gun on himself, firing the final shot to his head.

They were picked up and rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where Cockfield was pronounced dead on arrival. His injured girlfriend was subsequently transferred to the GPHC for further treatment and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Recovering: Shanice Fraser

The Assistant Commissioner confirmed that Cockfield, who is left handed shot himself below the chin and the bullet exited from the left side of his head. This  is according to a post mortem examination conducted on Friday.

Fraser, who has a two-year-old daughter, was reportedly shot four times to her upper body – once to her back, shoulder, arm and throat.

INews was informed that Fraser is on her way to recovery.

“I was told yesterday by the doctor that none of her vitals are under threat,” Williams said. (Ramona Luthi)


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