Kwame McCoy disrupts Youth Council meeting; says “I am a celebrity”


By Jomo Paul

Kwame McCoy at the GNYC Meeting [Photo taken off of Mark Ross’ Facebook Page]
[] – What should have been an informative meeting of the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) turned out to be a stage for political grandstanding on Saturday afternoon (March 07) at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC).

Information Liaison Officer of the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy is accused of disrupting the meeting, proffering several challenges to the facilitators concerning their political persuasions and the implications of the proposed ‘Vote Like Ah Boss’ campaign scheduled to be launched next week.

McCoy in an extremely loud manner interrupted several presentations being made and questions being asked by persons. He is accused of verbally abusing a woman who made an off the shoulder remark at him.

With his air of importance, the Liaison Officer made it clear that he was a “celebrity.”

After several futile attempts by McCoy to disrupt the day’s proceedings, one man opted to leave and immediately after, in what appeared to be a well – rehearsed manner, several participants of the meeting walked out; but McCoy stayed behind and continued his tirade against the facilitators and persons who objected to his behavior.

There was also a verbal confrontation between McCoy and a representative of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce after she suggested that his behavior did not augur well for the overall aim of the meeting and he should make his exit.

It did not stop there for McCoy as he went on to accuse the Chair of GNYC, Tiffany Daniels of taking cues from Mark Ross, who is an AFC member.

“Mark directing the show. He’s winking at her and they are trading looks,” said McCoy.

He sternly warned Daniels that background checks were being made on each member of GNYC’s executive committee and she should thread lightly with the membership.

Meanwhile, Daniels told iNews that the incident was unfortunate. She maintained that the Council will not be daunted by the obvious attempts of McCoy to stir controversy and create an issue where there shouldn’t be any.

“It was just very unfortunate for the meeting to be dragged down to that level and for any political party to have brought their agenda to the meeting,” Daniels explained.

According to her, the fact that over 30 persons remained to “flesh out” the activities under the ‘Vote Like A Boss’ initiative is a plus for the Council in that McCoy’s interruptions did not bring the proceedings to a halt.