Kuru Kururu teen warded at GPHC with gunshot wound

The police in ‘A’ Division are investigating a shooting incident which occurred at 20:00hrs last night (Monday, June 20) at Kuru Kururu Squatting Area on the Linden Highway, committed on 18-year-old Kevin Batson  of Kuru Kururu Squatting Area.
The police, in a statement, said Batson was involved in an argument over a brush cutter and spray can with 25-year-old Andrew Fields, aka ‘Two Feet’, of Kuru Kururu Squatting Area and another suspect, when Andrew Fields pulled out a firearm and shot Batson to his right side chest. Both suspects made good their escape.
Kevin Batson was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he is currently a patient.
 Investigations are ongoing.   


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