Kuru-Kururu residents without internet, landline services


More than 10 streets and just about 500 residents in Kuru-Kururu on the Soesdyke Linden Highway are presently without landline and WiFi services for over two weeks now, after a post fell and affected the wires.

Residents who attend the University of Guyana (UG), complained of not being able to use the internet to complete assignments, while Secondary school students chimed in with the same cry.

A business owner in the area who requested her name be withheld noted that she relies on the internet to conduct her daily activities which are being affected.

This publication was told that the community’s Primary School is also without telephone services which would have forced teachers to find alternatives in cases of emergency, over the past week.

GTT’s Public Relations Officer, Jasmin Harris confirmed that the community is without these services. She explained that the issue has been ongoing only for about four days and that they are working to rectify the situation.

According to her, a cable in the village went down due to inclement weather conditions. She assured that the residents received an advisory which informed them of the situation and reassured that it will be remedied in a timely manner.


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