Kuru Kururu farmer in custody as over 18,000 cannabis plants found, destroyed- Police

One of the camps found by the police
Police on Wednesday during an intelligence-led operation found and destroyed six cannabis camps at Seven Miles, Millie Hideout, Linden.
The approximately eleven acres of cultivation had an estimated eighteen thousand one hundred (18,100) plants measuring from a foot to eight feet in height and with an average weight of three thousand six hundred and ninety (3690) kilograms.
According to the Police PRO Jairam Ramlakhan, several nurseries with about three thousand (3000) seedlings, five makeshift camps, hammocks, groceries, kitchen utensils and about nine hundred (900) kilograms of dried cannabis were also found and destroyed.
Additionally, the ranks found in one of the camps, five (5) live cartridges, three (3) empty 12 gauge casings and a .45 spent shell.                                                                                    
A 21-year-old farmer of Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway who was found attending to the prohibited plants on one of the fields, was arrested and is expected to be charged, said Ramlakhan.


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