Kuru-Kuru students forced to walk two miles to get to school


…as emergency works now being done on impassable roads

Emergency rehabilitation works being done to sections of the road

Children attending the Kuru-Kuru Primary and Secondary on the Linden Highway are now forced to walk in at least two miles to get to and from school, due to the impassable condition of the roadways, which nearly resulted in buses toppling on more than one occasion.

This was on Thursday related to this publication by an inconvenienced teacher who termed the situation as “dangerous and unfair” to the children.

The children on Monday joined their teachers and parents to protest the condition of the roads which have been deteriorating significantly over the past 18 years, with little or no remedial works being undertaken.

The teacher said, “The buses used to go directly into the compound but due to the condition of the road they have to walk in”.

It was outlined that the children have been footing their way in and out of the two mile road to get to and from school since Wednesday last.

“They are left to walk about two miles in because the entire journey is approximately two and a half miles. The entire journey (from when the bus turns off the Linden Highway) is about two miles”. The teacher informed that the buses now transport the children up to where it is safe for them, which is about half mile and would offload the children to continue their journey by foot.

It was related that the half mile point is the cutoff point where some amount of rehabilitation works are being done by government.

The teacher added that he would have observed some works being done to rehabilitate the roads, which only commenced recently. “I think work is in progress on the most deteriorated parts which is on the hill that was explained where the bus nearly toppled. They are doing the remedial works there but I’m not sure where else they will go from there”.

This publication understands that the contractors have been filling the holes, referred to as craters, with another type of soil in an effort to make it passable.


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