Kuppen says Councillors were ‘tricked’ into agreeing to Parking Meter Contract


By Ramona Luthi

As citizens await the implementation of the “approved” Parking Meters to be installed along the streets of Georgetown, the lone People’s Progressive Party Councillor on the Georgetown City Council is alleging that the Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green, has “fooled” the Councillors into agreeing to the amendments made to the contract.

Councillor Bishram Kuppen
Councillor Bishram Kuppen

The Councillor, Bishram Kuppen told INews earlier today, that at the time the Councilors’ “approval” was given, even the Deputy Mayor asked Chase-Green to be more specific with her question. Kuppen stated that even at this call, she refused.

After the amendments were discussed at the statutory meeting last month, Kuppen said that the Mayor asked the Councilors “Do you support the City having a Parking Meter system to raise money?”

To this, the Councillors unanimously agreed.

However, Kuppen is contending that this agreement was not towards the implementation of the Parking Meters, nor towards the amendments. “She pretty much tricked us into agreeing to the Parking Meter Contract. Then she went ahead and told the media that there was an overwhelming and full Council approval,” he said.

Salima Bacchus-Hinds
Salima Bacchus-Hinds

All efforts to get a response from the Mayor pertaining to this claim being made by Kuppen have proven futile.

Additionally, another member of the Council, Salima Bacchus-Hinds took to Facebook sometime last month to criticise the Parking Meter Contract and the way in which the initiative is being handled.

“All these shady contracts, secret meetings, secret deals. Guyana is a land of opportunity in my opinion…but your opportunity should not come at the detriment to the citizens and national development,” she related in her post.

On September 1, 2016 she resigned from her position as a councillor within the Mayor and City Council.

Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan had also expressed several concerns about the project. Despite these concerns the City has indicated that it is proceeding with the project.


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