‘Known character’ shot during scuffle with police


A 17-year-old, police say is a “known character,” was on Friday shot and injured during a scuffle with the cops following a high-speed chase in Georgetown.

The incident occurred sometime around 16:40h Dennis Street & ‘D’ Field Access Road, Sophia Greater Georgetown.

It was reported that a group of policemen today were cconducting a raid exercise around Region 4 “A” (Georgetown).

Whilst in the vicinity of Dennis Street and “D” Field Access Road Sophia, East Coast Demerara a known character to the police was seen riding a red motorcycle with a haversack on his back.

Upon seeing the police vehicle the character immediately made a U-Turn and sped off in a western direction on Dennis Street.

A chase ensued and after navigating several cross streets and back roads, the suspect eventually abandoned the motorcycle at his home and ran into his yard. He then scaled his neighbour’s fence with police in pursuit.

As ranks closed in to capture him, a scuffle ensued during which the character held on to the firearm of the apprehending police.

As the scuffle continued the firearm went off.

Two circular injuries were observed on the suspect’s body. He was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was seen and examined by doctors on duty and listed as being in a stable condition.