Knife wielding teen apprehended after robbing security guard


A 17-year-old bandit was on Saturday morning apprehended by an off duty Policeman after he reportedly attacked and robbed a security guard at knifepoint.

The robbery occurred at around 10:15h at the Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, East Bank Demerara (EBD) road.

According to the security guard who withheld his name, he was walking along the road when he observed the 17-year-old suspect and another trailing him.

“When I was walking in, two guys was behind me and I observe they was moving suspicious. They was coming out [the street] and I was going in. One of them signal the guy that he was with and they circle back,” said the distraught man.

The man was then attacked by the two perpetrators, held at knifepoint and was relieved of his bag, two cell phones and $25,000.

  “They attack me, choke me, take everything that I had and start running. One of them had a knife…a long black knife. They take my bag and my two phones.”

The security guard raised an alarm alerting an off duty officer to his plight.

The Officer was able to apprehend one of the suspects who was attempting to escape.

He has since been identified as Omar Kenneth, a resident of Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

The other youth was able to escape; however, the stolen items were found and given back to the security guard.

An investigation is ongoing.


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