Knife bandits rob New Amsterdam family, one in custody


One man is now in police custody following a robbery at a home in Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, during the wee hours of this morning (Wednesday) where he and two other suspects reportedly relieved a 32-year-old man of a substantial amount of cash and valuables.

According to information received from Police “B” Division Commander, Lyndon Alves, the incident occurred at around 01:50hrs today as the victim- identified as Jimmy Mohabir of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam- and his family were asleep.

INews understands that three males, armed with knives broke into the man’s home and began searching for cash and valuables. However, Mohabir was awakened by the noise and confronted one of the bandits, which resulted in a brief scuffle.

The victim sustained a cut across his left side face but managed to raise an alarm in the neighbourhood by shouting “thief!”

The bandits immediately fled the scene using the main door of the house but the perpetrator who had been fighting with Mohabir was subsequently detained by public spirited persons who rushed to the victim’s assistance.

Upon inspection of the house, it was revealed that 3 gold chains and 4 gold bangles valued at $700,000 in addition to $350,000 in cash had been stolen.

Police say the bandits are known thieves in the area.

Investigations are on-going. (Ramona Luthi)


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