Kitty Roundabout nearing completion

The installation of light poles ongoing

The Kitty Roundabout is about a month away from completion. This is according to Senior Engineer at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Sherod Parkinson.

The installation of light poles ongoing

“We’re presently in the phase where we’re closing off certain sections. They are now preparing to pave the section from Kitty Public Road to the Vlissengen Road. They are also working to create the ‘island’ (the centre of the roundabout).”

Parkinson added that light poles are also being installed.

“It (will then be) just a matter of determining what will be done with the ‘island’ the road markings (and) signs,” the engineer explained.

The design of the roundabout includes two traffic signals which will control the traffic from Irving Street and Kitty Public Road.

Earlier in the year, a $78.9Million contract was awarded to S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services for works on the roundabout.

The roundabout is expected to improve the flow of traffic in the area, enabling motorists to reach their destinations faster.



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