Kitty Market to be completed by March


Almost two years after the initial commencement of restoration works on the Kitty Market, Town Clerk, Royston King says the new deadline for completion has been slated for March 2018.

Speaking to Inews Thursday, the Town Clerk asserted that after being cash strapped for quite a while, construction works have begun again at the facility.

Kitty Market currently under rehabilitation

“We’re hoping that we can complete the entire Market by March of this year,” he assured.

He attributed this to the fact that Government had granted the Mayor and City Council $25M and appointed a contractor to complete Phase One of the Market.

“We have commenced restorative works at the Kitty Market. We’ve started that with our own limited funds again this year. However, you would know that Government has awarded $25M to a contractor to do phase one of the Kitty Market. We’re very happy. We’re very grateful to the Government,” he said.

The Town Clerk posited also that of the $200M which has been allotted to the City Council through the 2018 Budget, $50M will go towards finishing the second and final phase of the long awaited structure.

Vendors, who ply their trade near the market, are still obligated to pay their monthly rents for the space in the business structure, even though they have not been occupying that area for almost two years now.





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