Kimbia home invasion: Dead suspect’s mother calls for proper probe


The mother of the dead suspect who was apprehended following the invasion of a home in Upper Berbice River, is claiming that her son was brutally murdered in the riverine community.

The motionless body of Kwame Bhagwandin, 38, a labourer of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, was handed over to Police on Saturday and he was later pronounced dead by a doctor.

It is suspected that Bhagwandin along with three others attacked and robbed a businessman who operates a boat service along the Upper Berbice River along with his family on Friday night during a home invasion at Kimbia.

The men reportedly kicked down the front door to the house after failing to get through the grilled windows.

According to Ryon Gladstone, two of the men had handguns and a third had a shotgun.

He was relieved of about $500,000, personal clothing, foodstuff, used footwear and household articles. His brother Rayon and wife Delisa were relieved of close to $500,000 and an undisclosed amount of jewellery.

The two brothers and their wives were beaten during the robbery after two of the bandits broke into a bedroom as they demanded money.

They were both masked. After the intruders left and family members went to seek medical attention, villagers found some of the articles including electrical appliances in bags. The items are said to belong to Gladstone.

Meanwhile, as villagers were on the hunt for the bandits, Bhagwandin was seen and reportedly captured.

Police have remained mum of both the robbery and the death.

The dead suspect’s mother, Donna Liddell, in describing the images which she claimed were sent to her phone, said the pictures were taken at more than one location.

“No one has told me anything. People have been calling me and sending photographs. In the photograph that I saw my son has the rope tie around his neck, tie around his two arms, bring up his two feet and tie them to his hands behind his back and his face with a set of blood and he had wounds all over of his body.”

She explained that after looking at some of the photographs, it appears as though Bhagwandin was tortured. She revealed that there were also injuries to the private parts of his body.
She is hoping for a thorough investigation by the Police.

The mother identified the body on Monday before the autopsy was performed.

According to the 61-year-old woman, her son would make frequent visits to the Upper Berbice River, in relation to a marijuana business that he conducted.

Bhagwandin is known to the law and was arraigned on several occasions for armed robberies in the Berbice area.