Kidnapped 5 – Year – old spotted in Berbice with mother


By Tracey Khan Drakes

Kidnapped[] – The mother who kidnapped her 5 year-old daughter, who was reportedly sexually abused by her father, has been spotted with the child in Berbice, according to a reliable Police source in ‘B’ Division.

The child has been missing for the past two weeks, after the mother went to her school and took her away. The child was placed in protective care, pending the outcome of investigations by the Police and officers from the Ministry of Human Services & Social Security.

The entire ordeal unfolded when the man was arrested for sexual abusing his daughter, after the probation officers from the Human Services Ministry were called in. They suspected that the man may have been abusing the toddler and an examination was conducted on the child which confirmed that the child was indeed being abused.

The man was arrested and placed on station bail, pending the outcome of an investigation. He was instructed by police to report to the Police. However, since the child was kidnapped, investigators visited his home which he shared with the child’s mother and it was locked. Neighbors say they have not seen the two in weeks.

The police are now looking to find the child, her mother and father; saying charges will be brought against the man for this crime. Investigators told iNews that no stone will be left unturned as they continue to invest in the man power and other sources to bring the child to safety and her perpetrators to justice.

The child’s Mother and father are well known to the Police in Berbice.

According to Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Green officers from the Human Services Ministry are working along with the Police to locate the child and her mother. She was reluctant to divulge further details; saying she believes it may compromise the Police investigations.

iNews understands that the child was placed at the Camal International Home for the Homeless at Kilcoy Road Corentyne, Berbice, just over two months ago after she complained of being touched inappropriately by her father.

Sources close to the investigation told iNews that the child’s mother would visit her often but would insist that the father is innocent and begged for the child to be returned to her. iNews was also informed that the mother was told that custody would be given to her if she leaves the father.

iNews understands that the woman told probation officers that she is no longer with the man, however the officers found out she lied.

After realizing that the Human Services Ministry was serious about the matter and the child would have to remain at the home, the mother allegedly went to the Copper School in Albion, Corentyne, not too far from the Home and reportedly kidnapped the child.

According to persons in the area, other children who live at the home observed what took place and telephoned the owner of the Camal’s home to inform her of what was taking place; however, the mother made good her escape before anyone could have intervened.

Persons said the child lived with her mother and father in Fyrish Village. Checks by the police revealed that the house has since been abandoned.

iNews understands that a medical examiner confirmed that the child was sexually abused, however no charges were made against the alleged perpetrator.



  1. It is sad indeed when some mothers, in order to protect their husbands/lovers from the law because they are the sole breadwinners, allow their innocent daughters to be the sacrificial lambs. A lack of education causes most women and their offspring to be subjected to domestic violence, both verbal and physical. I appeal to all women to assert themselves because they are God’s Gift to men. Women should be treated with respect and be honoured. They should not be treated as a convenience or as an extension of the furniture in the home. Women, do you know that your husbands could be charged for rape if you tell him no and he forces himself upon you? Think about that and maintain your dignity. Now, this goes to both men and women – do not let the other party “mess” in your brain. Apart from losing your identity, a vacuum is created when that monster leaves you. Be careful that another does not come along during your vulnerability, picks up the slack and lead you further through hell.


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