Kick-down-door bandits posing as Police terrorise Herstelling family

  • escape with $2M in cash and jewellery

By Ramona Luthi

At approximately 02:00hrs today, five bandits kicked down the door of a Herstelling, East Bank Demerara home proclaiming that they were police officers. They proceeded to beat and rob the family members.

herAccording to 43-year-old Esther Harinauth of lot 463 Fourth Street, Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, she was home with her 46-year-old husband, Anganauth Harinauth and their 22-year-old daughter, Vidyawattie Harinauth, when they were awoken to loud sounds of someone kicking on their door.

She said that upon inquiring as to who was at the door, the men identified themselves as the police.

The distraught woman told INews that the family became confused and refused to open the door. As such, the men kicked the door in and entered the home shouting “We is the police! Don’t keep noise! Give we your money and jewelry!”

Esther recalled that the men commanded that she and her daughter lie on the floor, while they proceeded to beat her husband.

They subsequently began asking for money again, to which Anganauth indicated that the valuables were in the upper flat of the home.

her1While four men accompanied him upstairs, the fifth man took the couple’s daughter into a room and demanded that she disclose the cash.

After ransacking the home for an estimated 20 minutes, the gunmen fled the scene.

The family reportedly lost in excess of $2M in cash and jewelry as well as ID cards and a motor car licence.

Around 06:00hrs this morning, police ranks from the Providence Police station arrived at the scene and lifted finger prints.

Additionally, the CCTV footage from a neighbouring home showed the bandits fleeing in two motor cars.

Investigations are ongoing.


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