Karasabai gets radio station for the first time


Residents of Karasabai, South Pakaraima, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Essequibo), woke up on Tuesday morning to the sound of local radio in their community for the very first time.

EDYOU FM had turned on its radio signal in the indigenous community as part of its ongoing efforts to expand its network and bring distance education to people across the country.

Karasabai, home of the Sun Parakeets as it is locally known, is also home to approximately 1600 residents, predominantly Macushis.

While the village has access to limited internet service, access to television, telephone and radio signal has never been a luxury enjoyed by this community until now, with EDYOU FM being the first radio to the community.

The Ministry of Education’s radio signal in Karasabai means that the community now has access to daily lessons for multiple levels in various subject areas and over ten diverse live shows covering topics such as education, health, sports, women empowerment, history, current affairs and aspects of Guyanese culture.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand stated “This is yet another commitment we have honoured. See, we are using every opportunity and technology afforded us to reach children all across this country.”

Speaking with EDYOU FM, Melissa Beaton, headmistress of Karasabai Nursery School and longtime resident of the village for more than 11 years, commented, “Once radio is linked to our schools, it will serve as a mode of positive reinforcement, and we will also be able to listen to current affairs of our country other than people coming to tell us. The children will have the opportunity to listen to stories, songs, poems, and lessons over the radio.”

Since radio is new to Karasabai, EDYOU FM has recognised the need for devices in the schools and community and is committed to adding the village to its distribution list for where the station will deliver radios.