Kamwatta and Whitewater to get electricity by year-end – PM


Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips, has announced that the communities of Whitewater and Kamwatta, of Barima – Waini (Region One), will receive electricity before the end of the year.

The Prime Minister made these remarks during the simple sod-turning ceremonies at the construction sites where power generation facilities will be installed in the two communities.

According to the PM, the two facilities will be constructed and operable before the end of 2021. They come at a cost of approximately $27.5M collectively.

It will be the first time that both communities get reliable electricity. Currently, electricity is supplied by generators and solar panels purchased by residents for their individual use.

The Prime Minister said that the projects are an indication that his Government is one that cares for the wellbeing of Guyanese and honours its commitment to the people.

“When we campaigned, we spoke about development and we made promises to these people, now that we have formed the Government over the last eight months, we are focused on delivering on those promises”.

Toshao of Kamwatta, Maurice Henry said that in addition to anticipating electricity for the first time, the community was also excited about the first visit of a prime minister.

“I feel very happy and proud because the Prime Minister came to visit us and no other Prime Minister has ever come to visit us… I think this project will transform our community in a very important way because we’ve never had electricity in our village and I know all the residents will be happy knowing that we will now get electricity”.

Meanwhile, Toshao of Whitewater, Ernest Samuels, said that in addition to a prime minister coming to that community for the first time also, he is pleased that the Government is fulfilling its promises made while campaigning.

“I’m very happy and I’m very proud of the commitment by the Government, because they said when they were campaigning that Whitewater will be receiving electricity to every home in our central area, and today it is the beginning of the fulfilment of that promise and the people here are very proud and they know that it would make their lives easier because they will be able to have their appliances”.

The Prime Minister also visited the power generation facility in Wauna Village, another small community outside of central Mabaruma. According to Prime Minister Phillips, he expects that facility will be upgraded and the network expanded so that more households within the community will receive electrical power.

While in Wauna, the Senior Government Official met with a group of students at the Wauna Primary School and also used the opportunity to meet with residents there to listen to their concerns.

The meetings were a part of the Prime Minister’s two-day visit to the region, where he installed new Boards of Directors for the power utility companies, assessed the power generation facilities and met with residents throughout various communities.

He was accompanied by Minister of Housing and Water, Honourable Collin Croal, Regional Chairman, Barima – Waini (Region One), Brentnol Ashley and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Hinterland Electrification Company, Horace Williams.