Kaieteur News Reporters’ phone calls are recorded – Glenn Lall

Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and his Attorney, Khemraj Ramjattan


Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall speaking to members of the media.
Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall speaking to members of the media.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In a shocking admission, Publisher of the local daily – Kaieteur News –Glenn Lall has admitted that every conversation on all phones he has given to his employees are taped.

He made this admission a day after a recording between one of his senior Reporters – Leonard Gildarie and Attorney General Anil Nandlall went public; the contents of which Lall has interpreted to contain deadly threat from Nandlall againt him and his staff.

In a recorded telephone interview, Lall told iNews that it is untrue that the recording was done unknowingly to both participants.

“That’s not true… that’s not true,” Lall said in response to the claim.

He clarified that the phone of neither the AG nor the Reporter was tapped and that the conversation was recorded knowingly to the reporter.

“If you listen to the tape it speaks for itself… the man [Reporter] told him [Attorney General] this is being taped and he said Glenn Lall can’t do that,” Lall explained.

He reiterated that “the Reporter told him that it was being recorded, the reporter also told him that it was a smart phone.”

When asked if the recording was handed over to him voluntarily by the reporter, who has since been suspended, Lall said: “You putting me in a tight spot and I don’t want to comment on that issue.”

He said too “you ought to know as a Journalist and in today’s world that we have equipment that is capable of recording every phone call, every phone call that comes into the phones of journalists are being taped.”

iNews understands however that the phone which was used by the Reporter to receive the call from the Attorney General was not one of the phones distributed by Lall to his staff.

When contacted by iNews, the Reporter refused to offer any comments but would only say that “He [Lall] is making all the statements; I am not making any comments.”

From all indications and according to information reaching iNews, the recording was done by the Reporter. The question of how it made its way into the hands of the Publisher remains unanswered.

Multiple sources close to both the Reporter and Lall confirmed that the senior journalist is accused of snitching to the Attorney General confidential information from investigations that the newspaper would have obtained against the government.

The government in Nandlall’s defence has said that the national newspaper is guilty of a despicable act by distorting and manipulating a private conversation of the Minister, “whose conversation was illegally recorded, and distorted, and broadcast.”

“These vicious enemies of the Government of Guyana so distorted an illegal recording of the conversation. It is shocking to witness such disgusting behaviour, obviously aiming to manipulate public opinion,” the statement added.



  1. We have to be careful 24/7/52.
    There are vipers, thieves and parasites all around us.
    They will sell their grand mother for a buck!
    If we are naive to trust the untrustworthy,
    Murphy’s law will kick in.

  2. When is this stage show going to be over ,,,who is the stage manager, Ron Robin,,,,,son is this An early stretch out ,,or is No Big Thing ,,the poor suffering and the drug lords striving and they playing the fool whit lall and lall come on get the country in order,, he Lall is doing what so many don do let him and all the others pay the dam taxes ,you want it all the fancy SUV and the big house not a home ,, and you killing the poor SHAME,,,,,

  3. oh baby baby baby:: now u know why de big mighty powerhouse most powerful man in guyana ..de guru of all media house was crying..i think its over for the mookster now..de mookster ran his race so its over now..the government must put him away big time..u got to feel sorry for the poor reporter..he ..like others know the mookster killed a man in cold blood..so the mookster got a taste for killing..
    on the other hand..the AG for a big man is down right stupid not to know u cant sit and talk trash about your enemy with anyone who works for your enemy..
    the same way the mookster does beat ppp people for answers the reporters of other news media must demand that the mookster answer all relevant journalists questions..i bet de mookster ent feeling right this day..he belly must be very week..
    i hope de mookster an he wife pay up all dem taxes and bills in de US..

  4. Seems very convenient.
    Smart phone my a*s, just press the button and recording is off.
    I find it very hard to believe that Mr Lall ‘just stumbled’ on this information.
    Is Mr Lall saying that his reporters do not have autonomy to do their job?
    Is he saying that he micromanages?
    Nonsense, people are not fools. Go talk to a wall.
    Lies always needed more lies to cover it.


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