“Justice served” – mother of brothers killed during robbery


The mother of two men, Harricharran and Premcharran Samaroo, who were killed reportedly at the hands of one of the suspected bandits killed on Sunday by Police, has praised the ranks, as she believes that justice has been served.

Mother of slain brothers, Ireen-Samaroo

Kelvin Shivgobin, called “Kelly”, one of the three suspected bandits who were killed at Johanna, Black Bush Polder, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) after they opened fire on Police, was believed to be the ringleader of the notorious trio, who had attacked Ireen Samaroo and her family during the 2018 Old Year’s Night celebrations. During the attack, the woman’s two sons were killed. Ramnarine Jagmohan and Sewchand Sewlall were the other suspected bandits killed on Sunday by Police.

Shivgobin was on the Police wanted list for several robberies, but, more particularly, for the murder of the two brothers.

The Samaroo brothers were shot dead when armed bandits stormed their mother’s Bush Lot, Corentyne home as they were celebrating on Old Year’s Night. Their mother believes justice has been served for herself and her family.

According to the still grieving woman, she had been living in fear ever since the shooting to death of her sons.

According to her, it was Sunday afternoon that she got the news that one of the men wanted for her sons’ murder was shot and killed by Police.

Dead, Ramnarine Jagmohan

“How they take people life, just so people take back their life. They didn’t make life, why they taking life? They coming and rob, why they have to take your life too? Sometimes if my other son was here they would have taken his life, but God is great. God really great,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks.


Meanwhile, the eldest of the three bandits was 52-year-old Sewchand Sewlall, called “One Eye Pappy”, of Johanna, Black Bush Polder. He was also implicated in the Bush Lot shooting.

His wife, Bibi Yacoob, said her husband was a farmer and had a valid reason to be in the Backdam. She also noted that he was a hard worker and devoted husband, but could not explain the guns and loot he had in his possession.

Dead, Sewchand Sewlall

Sewlall was also being sought by the Police for other robberies on the Corentyne.

After the men were shot, the Police recovered, among other items, a pistol, two revolvers, a rifle, three magazines, and 253 rounds of live ammunition while seven spent shells were found at the scene in close proximity to the men.

A former girlfriend of Shivgobin called “Kelly” said she did not approve of some of the things he did and for that reason she had walked away from the relationship.

According to the woman, on several occasions Police came into her home in search of him and on the hunt for stolen articles.

She also said that she was held in custody on occasions when the Police could not locate him.

He had been arrested for the murder of Corentyne businessman, Patrick Mohabir and upon his release, he reportedly told his friend that “before I go back in there, I rather dead”.

Meanwhile, relatives of Shivgobin said he was a cattle farmer, but they did not trust him because some of the persons he associated with were questionable.

They say he seldom visited his Alness Village home where his parents live.

“He went to school – high school, but after he leave school, I don’t know what happen to that boy,” one relative said.

His associate Jagmohan’s mother, Pamella, 55, of Topu Village, said that the acquitted murder accused had changed his life since he came out of prison, but added that she did not know of him being involved in criminal activities.

Dead, Kelvin Shivgobin

“My son tell me that he working in the rice field at 43 Village. Every weekend, he does come and bring money,” the woman related.

She said that after he was released from prison, she warned him that he needed to change his life and secure a job in order to take care of his only child.

Meanwhile, in addition to the arms and ammunition, the Police also found three haversacks containing a large quantity of jewellery, two bulletproof vests, five cellular phones, a solar charger, torch lights, crowbars, knives and cutlasses, a flash drive, toques and masks, duct tape and gloves as well as 200 grams of marijuana.

Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing. (Andrew Carmichael)


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