Justice being done… finally at GECOM


They do say that “time longer than twine”. So, even though the twine in this case has been unwinding ever since Granger unilaterally appointed James Patterson as GECOM Chair, time has finally caught up with his underlings who were executing his strategic plot to rig the 2020 elections. Your Eyewitness is talking about GECOM Secretariat’s not-so- blind three mice: CEO Lowenfield, Reg 4 RO Mingo, and (at last) DCEO Roxanne Myers; they are finally facing the music in front of the courts.

Old people also say, “wha’ sweeten mout’ does bun bamsie”, and afternoon the sweetness during the ides of March at Ashmins, one can only imagine what’s happening to the nether orifices of those now on the firing line. Your Eyewitness has been keeping you updated on the saga of the last of the trio – Myers – who, it appeared, had managed to be one step ahead of our intrepid Police force as they futilely tried to serve a summons on her. It was only after they issued one of those “WANTED” bulletins in the press for her that she ambled into the Police HQ, all lawyered up.

After keeping her in their (not-so-comfortable) care for 72 hours, during which time the PNC’s domestic and international network launched a “Free Roxanne” movement, the Police charged her with “misconduct in public office”. This seems to be the now standard charge for public officers who misused their offices.
Now you’d think that the PNC and their camp followers would let the law take its course, wouldn’t you? But that was a trick question, dear reader: if you said “yes”, it means you just don’t know the PNC!!

As soon as Myers was charged, up came the LOO Joseph Harmon, who castigated the Police for executing a “PPP plot to dismantle” the GECOM Secretariat. He threw race into the cauldron he’d set boiling after the Henrys’ murders when he claimed, “All senior officers arrested and harassed are of one ethnic group…and to remain silent is to be complicit by the actions of the Police”!!
For good measure, he identified GECOM Chair Claudette Singh as the one being “complicit” in the PPP’s dastardly plot.

Not to be outdone, WPA/PNC Commissioner Desmond Trotman chimed in with, “The GECOM Chair’s like Pontius Pilate”!! You remember Pontius, don’t you?? He’s that Roman official who presided over the trial of Jesus Christ and ordered His crucifixion. Your Eyewitness does think that equating Roxane Myers with the Son of God, who came on earth to save mankind, is a bit over the top, don’t you think?

After all, Roxanne was just trying to save the PNC!!

…to public servants?

Now you know the PNC’s in a full “war break” when they interpret the Government’s easing of the COVID-19 regulations to allow the economy to get back into gear as an “act of spite”. But you’d understand where they’re coming from when you realize that they weren’t referring to the economy and its workers per se – just the public servants!!

“This rush to have workers return to work is just a mere act of spite. And I would go a little further to say that public servants have [been] classified as the main supporters for the APNU+AFC, and as a means of getting back at them, this illegal Government…,” intoned APNU+AFC MP and Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) General Secretary Coretta McDonald. There you have it: the economy can do very well without the services of public servants, if the PNC’s to be believed!
Your Eyewitness really thinks this might be the time to find out just how many public servants it takes to file papers!!

Half of the present lot?

…on the COVID front?

Now that our COVID-19 deaths have hit that 100 mark – already one-third of the TOTAL that was projected when the pandemic broke – it’s time for all Guyana to take a deep breath and gird our loins.
It’s not just the Government.