“Just repair the street so we can walk good” – No 71 Village resident on deplorable dam

The state of the Number 71 Village “back street”

The residents of Number 71 Village, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) have voiced complaints about the deplorable condition of the “back street”, a dam in the area that provides access to some homes.

Avinash Permaul, a security guard and father of two who resides in the area, said  that he has made several complaints to the local authority about the dam’s condition, as it urgently needed to be fixed.

He stated that after meeting with the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) and the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) he was told that the Government was responsible for assessing the issue.

“Three years now this NDC promise we that this street gone make, they brought couple loads of red sand, they throw it any how and then leave it. I even spoke to the REO [Regional Executive Officer]…they said they can’t handle that, because them not the Ministry of Public Works. That we have to speak to the Local Government Minister,” the resident said.

“The last time I spoke with them was two weeks back, they got and wrote down everything on paper, before that we were talking to the Chairman… them not doing anything on the street here, the drain want dig, they not digging it…the drain needs to be dig and street got to make, we don’t care if them don’t dig the drain, just repair the street so we can walk good,” he added.”

Permaul indicated that the “back street” is the main access point for residents in the area, but given its condition, their everyday lives were greatly affected.

“Couple of us are planting cash crops here and when [it’s time to] carry out the load you does punish.

“I have two children, one a start school in September and one a going Grade One and when rain fall them gon can’t go school…it holding back their education.”

“All we want from this Government is for this street to be made up,” Permaul said. (This story was first published in the Guyana Times)