Judiciary condemns AFC’s use of judges’ photos for political ad


The Supreme Court of Judicature has strongly condemn the use of photographs of two Puisne Judges by the Alliance For Change (AFC) in a political post on social media.

On Saturday, the party shared a photo collage on its Facebook page under the captioned “Confidence in Youth Leadership-Promised Delivered”. In that collage, contained the name and photos of a number of professionals including two judges, Justice Gino Persaud and Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall – a move which the judiciary has condemn.

“The Supreme Court of Judicature is calling on members of the public to refrain from associating Judges and Judicial Officers with any political party or activity,” a statement on Saturday noted.

The Judiciary further reaffirms its independence and integrity, as it rejected any attempt to tarnish and discredit its reputation.