Joseph Harmon confirms he will be Opposition Leader

Joseph Harmon

Recently co-opted member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR’s) Joseph Harmon has confirmed that he will be Opposition Leader of the APNU/AFC Coalition when the 12th Parliament convenes.

During an interview on a live programme on the APNU/AFC Facebook page, Harmon explained that while the Leader of the Opposition position is obtained in the Parliament, the party has already decided that he will assume this position.

“The Opposition Members of Parliament, they vote for you in the Parliament…but internally among all our MPs (Members of Parliament) I have been nominated and seconded by our MPs to be that person… there is still a second phase it has to go through which is when the Parliament convenes then the MPs will actually make that nomination and election in the Parliament,” Harmon disclosed.

This comes just over two weeks after Harmon, an attorney-at-law and former army member, was co-opted to serve on the PNCR Central Executive Committee (CEC) along with Simona Broomes.

The former minister of State under the APNU/AFC administration had to give up his post and his parliamentary seat in the National Assembly last year after the courts had ruled that dual citizens cannot sit in the National Assembly. He had a dual United State citizenship, which he has since relinquished.

Shortly after, Harmon was appointed as Director General of the then Ministry of the Presidency – a post created just for him with a salary of $900,000 and over $500,000 in non-taxable allowances as well as other perks and benefits.

Following the change of government early this month, he had refused to vacate his post even after receiving a termination letter from the new administration.