Joint Services preparing for elections


Members of the Joint Services on Wednesday participated in one of a series of training activities, in preparation for Regional and General Elections.

A Study Day and Internal Security training exercise were held at the Police Officers Mess Annex and allowed for interaction among ranks of the various services.

Meanwhile, a private sector delegation has met with the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) regarding the organisation’s preparedness to deal with any situations that should arise during the elections period.

The team comprised representatives of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham).

“The Central focus of the meeting was on matters relating to national security, pre and post elections period – in view of having and preserving a peaceful election period in Guyana,” a statement from the PSC said.

To this end, one of the key items discussed was the role and responsibility of the GDF as enshrined under the constitution of Guyana.

According to the Commission, the Chief of Staff assured the Private Sector Leaders that the GDF’s intervention will be guided by its mandate as set out under the law especially concerning its role through the Joint Services by providing support to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in the event of an unrest.

Further, the Chief of Staff also took the opportunity to express his interest for deeper collaboration with the Private Sector in national development as an important stakeholder.

The PSC committed to strengthen its relationship with the force in this regard and has committed to the sharing of information and greater collaboration as it relates to national security and national development.

Already, some 26 officers of the Guyana Police Force were trained to deal with situations that may arise during this period.