Johnson & D’Andrade 1st and 2nd in T&T Road Races

Lionel D'Andrade (middle) and Kelvin Johnson (right) after the event.
Lionel D'Andrade (middle) and Kelvin Johnson (right) after the event.
Lionel D’Andrade (middle) and Kelvin Johnson (right) after the event.

[] – The TCL held its 60th Anniversary 6K Road Race event on Saturday 6th October in Point-au-Pierre.

The Guyanese-Trinidad based dynamic duo Kelvin Johnson finished in 20:09 while Lionel D’Andrade finished in 20:20 in the event to placed 1st and 2nd respectively this morning.

The Trinidadian George Smith was 3rd in 20:40.

At the afternoon ArcelorMittal Savannah 1 Lap, D’Andrade placed 1st in 12:35.

D’Andrade highlighted, “I feel a lot better this weekend. I held back a bit in this morning’s race.

“But I am feeling great! The October Race calendar is still very hectic. And next week Saturday 18th October, I have two back-to-back races again,” D’ Andrade stated.

D’ Andrade will now race in the Ministry of Health 7K at 7:00am and TTARP 5K at 4:00 in the afternoon on October 18.


  1. Congratulations to both Kelvin Johnson and Lionel D’Andrade on der continuous achievements here on our soils. Keep it up guys


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