Joey Jagan officially endorses APNU+AFC coalition

Dr Joey Jagan (center) along with President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dr Joey Jagan (center) along with Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates of the APNU+AFC Coalition, David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo.
Dr Joey Jagan (center) along with Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates of the APNU+AFC Coalition, David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo.

[] – Dr Joey Jagan, the son of the late President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, has officially endorsed the APNU+AFC coalition, as the election race draws close with just eight days left before Guyanese head to the polls to elect the next government.

During a press conference at his Charlotte Street office on Monday May 04, Dr Jagan stated that he believes in shared governance, adding that it is time the Guyanese people vote for change.

This he acknowledged was a hard move to make as he distanced himself from his traditional roots, which is the Party his father built – the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).

According to Dr Jagan, because the PPP moved away from the ideals of his father, he can no longer support them. In explaining his reason for throwing his support behind the coalition, he noted that during the 2011 elections, the PPP/C approached him to assist the Party along the campaign trail.

He agreed given the fact that a number of promises were made to him by the Party to better the lives of the Guyanese people; however, according to Dr Jagan, the Party never lived up to those promises.

“I was used and discarded by the Party,” he stated.

He is also claiming that he told the incumbent President Donald Ramotar that David Granger should have been made the Prime Minister, urging them to embrace inclusionary governance but that idea was shun.

“I believe when you have an ethnic problem in a country, you need to share power and share governance with people, not terrorists, not extremists but with people who are solid patriot citizens,” Dr Jagan told the news conference.

He also spoke of the ethnic divide that continues to plague this country, noting that Guyanese should look at policy based politics and not race. He pleaded to Guyanese to “give them a chance.”

Dr Jagan also spoke highly of the Opposition’s manifesto, specifically the plans for the youths of the country, noting that it is time they are allowed to take the mantle and push Guyana to greater heights.

Jagan noted too that Guyana needs a more vocal Prime Minister who has a strong following like that of Moses Nagamootoo.

“My Father’s Party has changed course…the course they have taken is detrimental to the nation….support coalition politics.”

When asked if he is willing to play a role in government if the coalition is elected to office, he said if called upon, he will oblige.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee in responding to the endorsement noted that Dr Jagan has finally joined the “funeral procession.”

“He joined the funeral procession and from all that he has said before, it is inevitable that he was heading in this direction,” Rohee told iNews.

In responding to Dr Jagan’s claims of the country being underdeveloped, Rohee said, “he must be living in another world because we know that developments are taking place, the country is growing at rapid rate, he obviously is in a deep slumber, so we can’t help wake him if he is still in a sleep.”



  1. It is to be noted,that Joey Jagan,the son of Cheddie Jagan who was leader of the PPP/C has ENDORSED the APNU/AFC COALITION,after declaring that the present leaders of his father`s party have shifted course,going in another direction.He also said that the promises they made to him to create a better life for the Guyanese people never materialized.He is advising Guyanese to vote for the COALITION.I believe,this is a sane decision to make.GUYANESE ARE TIRED OF THIS CORRUPT REGIME.IT WILL DEFINITELY BE A CONTINUATION OF THE SAME THINGS ALL OVER AGAIN.IT IS TIME WE DISMISS THIS CABAL,IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  2. Jealousy of Growth and Development by the PROGRESSIVE PPP are eating the haters so much so that they are changing not only name, but their believes, party, and what they stand for.
    The haters of Guyana are staring Good in it’s face and call them bad!
    PNC are staring at Modernization and say I can’t see any thing!
    They say India is giving the PPP Billion of dollars, and still say PPP are Thieves.
    PNC are crying out of how drugs money are the cause of all them big, big projects and big buildings go on and with the same breath crying out that there is no development. When in reality they are the drugs dealers? Please Google;
    “Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC Official discuss planting drugs on PNC female”
    So who are the real drug dealers now?
    Did any women and rights group condemn the PNC on behalf of our PNC sister???

  3. Hey get a grip of yourself this is not about making Guyana better,this is about making myself and family better by stealing tax payers money .That is how the ministers are thinking now.

  4. at least he didn’t t’ief like the current first son whose president father is not embarrassed. you said it right here that cheddi felt ashamed for what you alleged his son did but the same can never be said about donald ramotar.

  5. i suppose you heard of someone’s son named alexei ramotar or you just plain delusional so you haven’t quite arrived at reality to see his “bruk up.” you ppp dim-wits and clowns raise awareness about things without thinking that the ppp / government is itself drowning in them and other filth.

  6. Trevos well said, its empty talks and spit, we cant shower,or wash anything with spit, its 2015 and water still not in a one flat house. Its time for a change.

  7. Well Joey gone back to Father (God or not God father).
    This man was a liability from day one.
    He caused so much damage to the Canadian University!
    He is in the right place to promote ‘bruk up’!

  8. Lol… Joey …Joey …Joey. Talk about a stubborn, angry, wayward and neglected individual. This was expected. You want to be a part of governance so bad that you are willing to sell your soul to the devil. Good luck idiot. Even yyour father knew better than to let the snakes in the house of people.

  9. po jo knows his business is in de heart of the pnc dragons den so its expected of him to tow pnc line..joey has about 3 –4 the most followers..they hang out at goodwood racing lol

  10. President Cheddi Jagan was disappointed in Joey Jagan for the third time when he (Joey) went and lie down in front of GPL head office and was rolling on the public road in protest against the GPL and the PPP government while his father Cheddi Jagan was President.
    President Janet Jagan and President Cheddi Jagan was always embarrass by Joey’s bad choice.
    Can Guyanese remember how this “REBEL” Joey was in the street picketing the Government Institutions while his father Cheddi was the President of Guyana?
    Joey has disqualified himself morally to speak of the PPP!!!!
    Joey is not a PPP and cannot be a PPP.
    Joey is a PNC.
    People thinks Joey was a liability to his parents.
    The PPP are better off without that Egotistical big mouth.
    Long live PPP! Long live President Ramotar! Long live Guyana’s Champion!

  11. I’m a full supporter of the coalition government but my problem is I haven’t heard none of the political parties talk abt what they planing on doing with the kind of water that Guyanese people have to be using we should have proper water running thru our pipes and I int heard none of them speak about the constant blackouts that happen everyday, what do they plan on doing about these things matter of fact that’s basic development that’s where development start……….U know if we only get blackout here it makes news cause it’s not something that would happen


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