Joe Singh to investigate corruption allegations against broadcast authority members


Major General (Retired) Joe Singh, is tasked with investigating allegations of corruption and misconduct made by Kenwin Charles against two members of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA).  On Wednesday,  Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, handed over the Terms of Reference (ToRs) to Singh at his office at the Ministry of the Presidency.

Major General (Retired) Joe Singh
Major General (Retired) Joe Singh

Major General Singh will conduct an inquiry into the allegations, and is expected to submit his report to the Prime Minister of Guyana by October 31, 2016.

Minister Harmon, in a brief statement, said that President David Granger had requested that the inquiry be conducted. “[The President] is very confident that you’ll be able to discharge your responsibilities,” Minister Harmon told Major General Singh after having provided him with the instruments of his appointment. Minister Harmon also assured him of his full support throughout the course of the investigations.

In an invited comment, Major General Singh said that he would work closely with the Legal Adviser from the Ministry of the Presidency, Geeta Chandan Edmond to ensure emphasis is placed on the gathering of detailed information so that a report could be completed and handed over to President Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in a timely manner.

In mid-September, Charles had alleged that GNBA Directors Anthony Vieira and Victor Insanally attempted to ostensibly force him out of business.

Both Directors have since threatened legal action against the entity’s Chairman, Leonard Craig for publicly making a statement on the issue.



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