Jealous lover nabbed after motorcycle accident


Berbice acid attack

The man who Police were on the hunt for following an acid-throwing incident, was arrested on yesterday morning in Linden.

Police Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam said ranks in Berbice received information that 34-year-old Alfred D’Yonge, called “Nat a boy”, was involved in a road accident while riding his motorcycle in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) early Saturday morning.

The victim, Shondell Williamson

According to the Divisional Commander, Police in Linden were contacted and went to the Mackenzie Hospital where the suspect was receiving medical attention. After being treated, Police transported D’Yonge to New Amsterdam where the investigation into the acid throwing incident is ongoing.

On Thursday, Shondell Williamson, 26, of Peter D’Aguiar Street, New Amsterdam, had just arrived in her yard when the man dressed in female clothing approached her and doused her with the acid. The injured woman said that although she saw her assailant, she was shocked by his appearance and could not move.

According to reports, the suspect, who was thought to be in Linden, telephoned Williamson saying he wanted to speak with his children. At this point, the woman related that she was in disbelief as she saw the person on the other end of the call approaching her in a dress, carrying a bottle in one hand and a bowl in the other.

The suspect, Alfred D’Yonge

As the man got close enough to Williamson, he threw the substance into her face, emptying a part of the bottle’s contents into the bowl and again doused the woman from her head.

After Williamson raised an alarm, the man ran out of the yard, breaking the bottle on the gate, before jumping into a waiting car. It is believed that D’Yonge was hiding behind the two storied house, waiting to launch his attack.

Reports indicate that the couple shared an abusive relationship for several years, and it was only recently that they separated. D’Yonge and Williamson have two children together, ages three and nine. (Andrew Carmichael)




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