Japan to grant US$270,510 for 3 projects in Guyana


Three recipient organisations are set to receive grant funding from
the Government of Japan, at a total of US$270,510, for three human security projects.

According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, US $90,797 has been earmarked for the Construction of a Skills and Training Resource Center to be carried out by the St. Francis Community Developers (SFCD) in Corentyne, Berbice, which is intended to offer non-traditional skills training to the community’s population.

The second project at the cost of US $89,900 will be for the Construction of a Medical Service Centre, to be carried out by the Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development and is aimed at improving the quality of health and medical services available in the Iwokrama forest.

The third project at a cost of US $89,813 is for the Construction of a multi-purpose Centre, to be carried out by the Special Needs for Life (SNL), which is intended to provide social services to residents in and around the village of Kuma.

The Government of Japan, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, has expressed its desire to further opportunities to work with the Government and People of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, with a view to strengthening the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding which exist between the two countries.

The signing ceremony is expected to be held tomorrow at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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