Jamaican woman sent home from hospital with four broken ribs


A Jamaican woman who was involved in a vehicular accident was sent home from the Falmouth Public General Hospital, Jamaican with four broken ribs.

According to reports, Althea Brown was injured in the early morning accident when the taxi in which she was travelling in crashed into the back of a truck on her way to Falmouth.

She was rushed to the hospital where he cuts and bruises were treated. An X-ray was later conducted and it was reported to her that she sustained no internal injuries.

However, following intense pains two day later, Brown visited a doctor at a private facility, who discovered that she had been discharged from the Trelawny-based hospital with broken ribs suffered in the motor vehicle collision.

“I went home and I was still in pain. I could not move. I was even trying to sit up but I could not. I just could lay flat and when I moved, I felt things moving. Something was moving on the inside and I heard liquid,” Brown told The Sunday Gleaner.

She added “When I came out of the X-ray room after one hour, the man just looked at the thing for like one minute and told me he is not seeing anything. I could go home,” said Brown, who was not satisfied.

“The pain was so intense that I could not take it. I went back to a private doctor on Monday morning, and when I went in and he looked at me and checked, he said ‘it feels like you have a fractured rib’ and asked, ‘did you do an X-ray’, and I said yes.

“I told him what the doctor said and he said, ‘no, it feels like you have fractured something, so you need to do another X-ray’,” recalled Brown.

She said she went back to the Falmouth Hospital as her doctor had instructed. The person who conducted the X-ray this time around had not been there the Saturday, and he confirmed that her ribs were broken.


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