Jamaica, Trinidad Sex Workers to receive training in Guyana



By Kurt Campbell

Executive Director of the Guyana Sex Worker Coalition and Co – Chair of the Caribbean Sex Work Coalition, Miriam Edwards
Executive Director of the Guyana Sex Worker Coalition and Co – Chair of the Caribbean Sex Work Coalition, Miriam Edwards

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Over a dozen Sex Workers from several regional countries are getting set to travel to Guyana in October where a meeting of Sex Workers from across the Caribbean will take place.

While the meeting will see a vast exchange of the challenges that beset the minority community in the respective jurisdiction, it will also see the sex workers being trained to do better advocacy for the trade.

Among the countries from which Sex Workers are expected are: Trinidad and Tobago (2), Jamaica (4), Suriname (2), Grenada (3), Antigua (2), and Dominican Republic (3).

Some ten Sex Workers from Guyana are also expected to participate in the meeting which kicks off on October20 and runs for four days.

During an interview with iNews, Executive Director of the Guyana Sex Worker Coalition and Co – Chair of the Caribbean Sex Work Coalition, Miriam Edwards said it was important to have Sex Workers trained in Human Rights and also the rights afforded to them in their local constitution.

She explained that currently there are consultants in several Caribbean countries that are a part of the Caribbean Sex Work Coalition, working to strengthen sex workers organizations, set up organizations where there is none with the aim of ultimately encouraging a more structured advocacy for the trade.

Edwards says it is a fact that Sex Workers across the Caribbean face a lot of discrimination when accessing social services and don’t know how to deal with it.STL14WORKERS_336690k

She said the countries participating in the training are mapping their sex work locations in their respective communities which will be reported on, along with the risk, among other issues when the meeting convenes.

Meanwhile, Edwards who is a former Sex Worker herself, said a local campaign is currently underway to seek the decriminalization of sex work in Guyana.

She explained that the campaign is funded by the Caribbean Vulnerable Committee Coalition (CCVC/COIN) and will see the organization lobbying Parliamentarians and speaking out on the issues affecting sex workers.

She highlighted that violence is a major challenge to sex workers; adding that it continues to spiral on a daily basis.

Edwards says she will ensure that the law makers understand their obligation to protect the minority community from Stigma and discrimination.


  1. This is total bull shit,here comes human trafficking on an even larger scale in the interior coz face let’s face it the human rights organisation were fighting to save and bring out teenage girls from from the interior,now its only gonna happen on a larger scale,all they were fighting to do will jus go to waste….then u will hear instead of children aspiring to become doctors and lawyers,they go a say wen I grow up I want be a prostitute..some kids won’t even want to finish school coz there aren’t any qualifications for this job and yep it will be legal,this won’t only affect our economy but out youths mostly,let’s face the fact men don’t want big women these days,they want 13,14 and 15 year olds ,so wen this becomes legal I well even be sorry for our 8,9 and 10 year olds coz this law will also forget age of cosent….hell if it was up to me let the youths do drugs instead of prostitution coz many day there will be discoveries of dead bodies on the sea wall for this prostitution, now the legalised homo sexuals,wanna legalize weed…dam jus now they might legalize under age drinking,cocaine and witchcarft :O

  2. the training is ridiculous…………………. i dnt discriminate gays of no sort but wtf they training them for……………………………..

  3. This sex worker training being done in Guyana is bull shit we don’t need that
    Train our women and men to present their bodies as a living sacrifice to God
    And the concession to miners is a great idea
    Weight restriction for Lethem road is good but build the road strong since we have a road shortage problem in this country.


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