Jags Aviation launches return flights from Ogle to Bartica


Local tourism is expected to be boosted with the implementation of return flights from the Ogle International Airport, East Coast Demerara (ECD) to Bartica, Region Seven, through Jags Aviation Service.

Deputy Mayor of Bartica, Nageshwari Kamal Persaud
Deputy Mayor of Bartica, Nageshwari Kamal Persaud

Deputy Mayor of Bartica, Nageshwari Kamal Persaud, stated that such a move by the aviation service is expected to boost local tourism to that area, especially with Bartica being earmarked for township status in a matter of weeks.

Persaud explained that access to her region would be much easier and less time consuming since it takes approximately 20 minutes to get to Bartica via air transport.

With these short flights, a number of individuals can and will be able to frequent Bartica as often as they like whether it is for business purposes or recreation.

INews understands that there will be one flight per day, three days per week, by Jags Aviation heading into Bartica.

The days which the flights will be operating are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.



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