Jagdeo warns of “long dark days” for Guyana if freedom is “snatched”

Attendees at the Indian Arrival Committee’s Mela recently
Attendees at the Indian Arrival Committee’s Mela,
Attendees at the Indian Arrival Committee’s Mela,

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In addressing thousands of persons at the Indian Arrival Committee’s (IAC) “Hamara Guyana Concerts” at the National Stadium on Friday evening (May 01), former President, Bharrat Jagdeo reminded of the long and hard journey of their ancestors, urging the gathering not to lose perspective of the struggles made.

According to Jagdeo, the fight for dignity that Indians achieved is constantly under threat “through bullyism and the unwillingness to accept that times have changed and the old methods of repression cannot work in this era”.

He told the gathering that those who are the purveyors of this past, now “come in new guises,” warning of long dark days if freedom is taken away.

“If we allow ourselves to have this freedom snatched away from us then it would be long dark days for our country again and our ancestors would never be proud of us”.

He noted that while all are equal regardless of race or religion, the Indian group that came to Guyana brought a rich culture and tradition, philosophy and music.

“….Rest assured that no-one should tell you that you are second class in your own country. You have to stand up to forces that try to make you that way.”

Jagdeo urged persons to support the PPP/C Party as it is one that would never resort to violence, to snatch away anyone’s freedom, but would allow its children to flourish and dream the dreams of any society.

“We are not better than anyone, but we are a proud people too. We are Guyanese first and foremost, but we are proud of our ancestry”.

President Donald Ramotar with some of the performers at the IAC Mela
President Donald Ramotar with some of the performers at the IAC Mela

Meanwhile, incumbent President, Donald Ramotar described the event as recognition of the sacrifices, suffering and contribution of those who came close to 200 years ago.

He noted that Guyanese are heading to a major junction that will decide whether thee country goes forward, “as we work towards forging the national unity that we all dream of and work so hard to build and to work to develop the unique Guyanese culture that we want. We would love to recognise the contribution of every ethnic group in this regard, and on this occasion we recognise the great contribution by our ancestors, the Indians who came here to add a very important ancient culture, to bring it here, to contribute to develop the unique Guyanese culture that we have all been striving and working for.”

President Donald Ramotar on stage with some of the performers at the IAC Mela
President Donald Ramotar on stage with some of the performers at the IAC Mela

The Head of State called on those gathered to work with government to ensure the country does not regress, but continue the upward climb which it began in 1992 and ensure it achieves its full potential, “where it will provide a high quality of life for every single Guyanese”. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. To Dos Ram. Go suck on a lime it might clear your thoughts. JAGDEO IS A BOSS! Plenty frighten him ..like you. Wanna step up in a face off. Bring your party and come. Not run…come.

  2. Dennis McKenzie, You need to stop your frothing in your small and cheap sheet rock apartment in New York and come to Guyana and see for yourself that we the PPP are not begging as you wickedly claimed.
    In fact I will be in the Port Mourant Market myself Saturday to meet with vendors that normally vote for PPP. Not to give a five hundred dollars to a few people like what your Nimakaram Nagamootoo did saturday, and was insulted by some of your Africian sister and some of your Indian neighbors. Shame on you McKenzie with your half white face.
    Are you coming to vote for your Bankrupt PNC on may 11th OR not????

  3. I was so pleased to hear such an intelligent speech by President Jagdeo!!!!
    Guyana’s CHAMPION make us so, so proud.
    Dr. Jagdeo is our Champion and will always be our Champion who makes us proud!
    I am still waiting to see a debate with this great man against the entire PNC+AFC.
    Our brave HERO is ready to take on all the PNC RIGGERS anytime!!!!!!!!

  4. What type of people believe what Mr. Jagdeo preaches? Are they not intelligent enough to see through this man? Do they actually think that this man is genuinely interested in their affairs? Are they unable to reconcile this man’s lifestyle with the masses? They forgot so quickly the mansion, the big, fat pension? Have they forgotten that this same man bypassed the entire West Indies, including his own Guyana, and flew to Miami to treat his ailment? Don’t they understand that this man preaches racism
    Just to get their votes? Think and reason for yourselves. He is no Messiah! He is just a great pretender! Wake up people and reject this man! Get out their and vote with your conscience. Vote Like A Boss. Vote for change. This is your last chance. Max is a new beginning in their rape of the treasury! Their desire is insatiable! Vote for change.


  5. The snakes that you mentioned is the thieving ppp of course. Have no fear,the coalition is here, Once you’re not with the cartel people, you have nothing to fear.

  6. It was the same Burnham,who these HYPOCRITES call a dictator,who initiated all Indian HOLIDAYS and others,that they presently celebrate.Jagdeo is such a BLATANT LIAR,RACIST and HYPOCRITE,that he will never remember that the African Guyanese is the one who suffered the most under the British and continue to suffer under the PPP/C regime.This DICTATORSHIP will always be REMEMBERED,NEVER FORGOTTEN,and they are still so presumptuous to beg for your votes.He believes he knows who he can fool,but may I remind him,that you can fool some of the people all the time,but you can`t fool all the people all the time TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR YOU.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  7. I was there . Saw and heard it all. Another well Plan event where the Former President Jagdeo was preaching his race politics again.

  8. Jack singh y don’t u screw ur self. We do wat we do anywhere anyhow. Our aim is to move forward. Not go backwards. So our people needs to be reminded not to make the mistake of a lifetime to let those snakes take everything away from us.

  9. This is the reason Elections was set for May 11 so the PPP/C can use this event to brain wash Indians to get their votes. Nice card but people are smarter and wiser now.


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