Jagdeo urges Guyanese to remain resilient in face of struggles


Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, in his Christmas message, has wished the nation a prosperous Christmas.

Dr Jagdeo also reflected on the past year and urged Guyanese to remain resilient in the face of struggles: “Much can be said of this past year – the highs, and the many unusual lows that were experienced. There is a yearning for decisive action to ensure that the wheels that propel success and prosperity grind and positively affect every sector of our economy in 2017 and beyond.”

Dr Jagdeo said that his party, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), aspires that 2017 must be a year where dreams are fulfilled, including those of the youths and those in their golden age.

jagdeo-christmasIn this regard, Dr Jagdeo wished all Guyanese a Merry Christmas.

“On my own behalf, as Leader of the Opposition, and that of my colleagues in the PPP/C of this Eleventh Parliament; our regional, district and village leaders; and our activists and supporters throughout Guyana, I wish you and yours a joyful Christmas and a peaceful, progressive and prosperous New Year,” he stated during the last session of the National Assembly.






  1. Who is going to address the reign of terror by the corrupt coalition in govt now, Colleen? You got some balls!

  2. Colleen..
    you seem to forget the Murdering Tyrant Burnham that starved Guyanese and LOOTED the Guyana treasury to become the 5th richest black man on the planet.
    ..as always “White Mouth” PNC stooges will starve rather than have a freely elected president for Guyana!

  3. Remain resilient? What the Hell he think they were doing while he and Ramotar were reigning terror for the 23 years they were in office? He’s got balls!


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