Jagdeo trashes Vieira’s comments as nonsense – urges him to come out of ‘bubble’

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo said Chairman of the Sub-committee of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA), Anthony Vieira, needs to come out of his “bubble” and stop talking “nonsense”.

Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo
Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Jagdeo was responding to claims by Vieira that the 11 broadcasting licences issued to radio and television owners back in 2011 were through illegal means.

Vieira last week said the GNBA found the licence issued by the former Head of State were flawed and that the Authority would soon be moving, after consultation with the licence holders, to make a revocation.
Vieira maintained this stance in the face of word from GNBA Chairman Leonard Craig, who told at least one media outlet that the body had made no such decision.

GNBA Sub-committee Chairman Anthony Vieira
GNBA Sub-committee Chairman Anthony Vieira

INews understands that Jagdeo, in response, declared that Vieira needs to “come out of his bubble” and stop talking “nonsense”. According to the former President, the radio licences are part of people’s property rights, and as such it would be illegal for any attempt to revoke the licence.

Among the persons issued licences by the previous government were Robert Persaud, the Little Rock Television Station (Berbice), Hits and Jams, Maxwell Thom, Dr Bobby Ramroop, Alfro Alphonso, Haslyn Graham and Anand Persaud.








  1. Vieira made a lot of money under the old PNC Anyone question how he got his broadcasting license then? Now he is trying to kiss the new PNC govt a## I don’t think anyone can forget about those de-scramblers in the 80s that only the rich can afford. I had to rent videotapes at Galaxy

  2. When Obama take office in the United State of America George Bush had pile up a 13 trillion dollars dept how come Obama did not request an inquiries in that in the other hand look at the PNC/AFC they only interested in what the PPP/C spend when their was in office how more backward can people be like the PNC/AFC government and the cannot come up with noting yet can the people of Guyana see who is wasting the country more now.

  3. People need to understand – Forbes Burhnam was a dictator, Hammy Green was a Dictator, Hoyte was a Dictator, Granger is now a dictator, Harmon is now a dictator….these are people who run a country based on taking loans and killing the economy…lets face the facts: Since taking office, this is exactly what they have done so far for the people of Guyana – Took 9 loans, reduce the economy by 3.4% and increase the crime rate by 40%….this means, business is dead, tourism is dead, people will become depressed and began to steal or commit suicide! Does anyone still need more facts?

  4. More unemployment for the people of Guyana. Granger take away everything. With the rate this new government going, the prisons would be empty and the burial grounds would be filled

  5. Someone should ask Tony Vieira how he benefited while a Minister under the PNC. He probably think it is such a long time ago that people would not remember. I recalled, VCT and Rex were the only two TV stations in Guyana in the late 80s early 90s and he use to scramble his channel during the day. The only way to get around it was to buy a special converter. So he made good money. He is still vex because he sold his TV station and broadcasting rights to Bobby and now he is bitter. This guy really amaze me with the BS that comes out of their mouth.

  6. You sound very bitter and arrogant, Think before you speak! That man bring Guyana to what it is today! Go try climbing up Granger tree not him!!

  7. There was absolutely nothing illegal in the issuance of the licences and Veira knows it. He is just being an A$$!

  8. Rohit…Just so you understand…Mr Jagdeo has every right to speak just as anyone…your point about the legality of his action is well taken but it is the decision of our court where the laws of our land can be tested and where issues are resolved. Let the past President speak….and why he should not given coverage in the media…you do get an opportunity to say your piece!

  9. Issuance of property if not in keeping with the set out procedures will be illegal.
    Jagdeo is wrong on this like so many other things.
    It can be revoked…
    I am surprised that Jagdeo is still given coverage in the media. The media should just ignore freedumb house.


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