Jagdeo to lead Commonwealth Observer team for Sri Lanka elections



Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, former President of Guyana, will lead the Observer Group to overlook the Presidential elections in Sri Lanka in January, 2015.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma reiterated the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation, to which the Commonwealth is a signatory.

He said: “Genuine democratic elections are an expression of sovereignty, which belongs to the people of a country, the free expression of whose will provides the basis for the authority and legitimacy of government.”

Mr Sharma added: “Sri Lanka has among the oldest democratic traditions in the Commonwealth. The people of Sri Lanka should be able to freely exercise their franchise, in an enabling environment marked by transparency, a level playing field, and adherence to the laws and norms that govern a credible and peaceful election. For this, key stakeholders must play their due roles.”

The Group will consider the pre-electoral environment and preparations. On election day and thereafter, members will observe the voting process, counting and tabulation procedures and the announcement of results. The Group will act impartially and make an independent assessment of the electoral process. It will conduct itself according to the standards expressed in the International Declaration of Principles for Election Observation to which Sri Lanka has committed itself.

Upon completion of its assignment, the Group will submit its report to the Commonwealth Secretary-General, who will in turn send it to the Government of Sri Lanka, the Commissioner of Elections and the principal political parties, before making it available to all Commonwealth Governments, and eventually releasing it into the public domain.

The nine Observers will be in Sri Lanka from 2 to 14 January 2015. A five-member team from the Commonwealth Secretariat, led by Ms Katalaina Sapolu, Director of the Rule of Law Division, will support them.



  1. Andrew if the opposition is so good and have all lead that Jagdeo is a drug Dealer. Why aren’t they taken action. Is the opposition so incompetent in the judicial system.

  2. In DRUGS,,hell yes he had the the best drugest ROGER KHAN ,,happy new yerar to sll my friends and friendsememies

  3. Jagdeo is more than qualified to lead a Commonwealth team of observers for the elections in Sri Lanka, but in my opinion, he is the wrong choice. In Sri Lanka, the current Rajapaksa government, accused of war crimes, nepotism and corruption is, apparently on its way out, likely to be replaced by a former close colleague and now his opponent, Maithripala Sirisena. As one magazine puts it “barring outlandish rigging”, it would be a surprise if he returns to power. Rigging would be a major issue in this election, so they need people who know what to look for.

    The question is, does Jagdeo has the experience to spot rigging?? I don’t think so. Two of the best people from Guyana to do this would be (i) Robert Corbin aka Chief Rigger and (ii) Brigadier Hon David Granger. These two Guyanese have experience in rigging and would be the best to look over the elections in that country. There is a proverb which says “set a thief to catch a thief” or to put it the Guyanese way “cat a ketch rat, but he a teef e massa fish”. Good and evil can come from the same source. Corbin, the architect of rigged elections in Guyana and the Hon Granger, the man who coordinated the movement of ballot boxes across Guyana, are excellent choices. I call on HE President Ramotar to review his choices with regards the observation of the elections in Sri Lanka.

  4. Ramaya of AFC is a doctor and not a medical doctor. He is one of the stupidest psychologist i have ever known. Dr. Barrat Jagdeo is a doctor in laws. You don’t have to be a medical doctor to have a Dr. in front your name. The canadian University found it appropriate to honour the guyanese and guyanese should be proud. Instead some lazy incompetent people are jealous.

  5. Your bachoo Bar-rat could impress all the jaiS but the jail is the place for him and the band of criminals,,,time will tell ,,GOD dont sleep and many like you and the NCN chronicle,GYtimes, the shit will hit the fan soon watch it

  6. Continue to SOAR Dr. Jagdeo, You are what many wish to be, and what many would never be. Many are they who envy your accomplishments, while there are those who wish they could be you. Some of them jealous your achievements, but there are thousands of us who celebrate when people like yourself excelled.
    You know something Mr. President, I feel sorry for people like Mr. Ishmael, who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “DOCTORATE” (doctor)
    Poor Ishmael, exhibiting your poor mentality. The poor chap doesn’t know that one can become a doctor in 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 years. Ishmael, here is a list of a few types of “doctorates” Doctor of Dental Medicine/Surgery, doctor of of Education, Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Law and Policy, Doctor of Pastorial Counseling, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Modern Languages, Doctor of Literature and Philosophy, Doctor of Information Technology, Doctor of Anesthesia, Doctor of Criminology, Doctor of Sacred Theology, Doctor of Social Work, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Optometry……………………………………………
    ………Also you have Dr. Ramayah, Doctor of tamarind leaves and neem leaves to cure people like Ishmael. Does the name “Jagdeo” frighten you? Stop your worrying the gentle man would not be running back for President.

  7. Many sleeping and some cant help they self, Donald telling ppl that if barrat was here he would SLAP you cause you stupid,,this is the same kind of display the AG use,,birds of pray, not many cup drinkers think you are right,they think he and the rest of suckers doing a great job of raping the country, barrat is doing great and he will do much better when his friend Roger Khan come home,,the buddy and friend who he denied like judas will get what they all deserve, its going to be so funny when they all meet up ,,,roger,kem, and bar-rat,,the state have to pay for the trip ,,HIP HIP Gay,Jai and the pee pee pee mouths go drink to this,

  8. Are they kidding me? Dr. My behind study in a Medical University for ten years like a real MD does then you can call him a Doctor (MD). He has rapped Guyana of most of is welth now Jagdeo wants to show those Lankan how to have a free and fair election when his country has no Justice for the ruling PPP Leaders. Who is paying for his trip? Oh his buddy with his privite jet. Lol. Guyanese why are you all sleeping so sound? Wake up please.


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