Jagdeo snubs Opposition Leader salary for Presidential pension

Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]
Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Incoming Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo says he will not be accepting any salaries as the Leader of the Opposition but will be taking his Presidential pension.

Jagdeo made the comment at a press conference on Tuesday, August 11 where he stated that he would rather take his pension. On ascension to office, the APNU+AFC had made it their priority to slash the benefits for Former Presidents.

With the slashing of the benefits, Jagdeo’s pension will be $1.4M coupled with a slew of other allowances, including expenses incurred for utilities such as telephone, water and electricity at $25,000 each per month.

As Opposition Leader, Jagdeo would be entitled to office accommodation, paid for and furnished by the State and staffed with one Research Officer, one Executive Assistant and one Clerical/Office Assistant.

The Opposition Leader is also entitled to one chauffeur, one gardener, two household assistants or domestic servants and 24-hour personal security as well as for his office and official place of residence.

The Leader of the Opposition earns than just over $500,000 per month.

With the amendment to the Former President’s Bill, Jagdeo would be disqualified for the benefits outlined in the amended law if he is actively employed and receiving a salary.

The Bill states “A former President shall cease to be entitled to the benefits and other facilities provided under section 3, if the former President engages in business, trade or paid employment or is convicted of a criminal offence for which a term of imprisonment is imposed.”

Jagdeo at the press conference boldly proclaimed “I will not be accepting any salary as Opposition Leader.”

When he was further probed on the issue by iNews, the Former President was pellucid that he would rather receive his pension and forego the salary as Opposition Leader.

When asked about vacating this year’s budgetary allocation of $15M to the Office of the Opposition Leader, Jagdeo stated that he has not made any considerations in that regard given that the monies would not go to him but rather would fund the operations of his office.



  1. Naiome, obviously you lack basic comprehension among other things if it’s your assertion that this is simply a decision of as you put it “common sense”.
    We have laws for a reason. And “NO ONE”, not Mr. Jagdeo, President Granger, you nor I are above the law. We cannot pick and choose which laws we will abide by simply because it pleases or benefits us. It’s akin to that old saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Additionally, he claims that his only reason for accepting this appointment is to serve the people of Guyana.
    That’s what makes this decision immoral.
    The simple fact is by deciding to accept the appointment of Opposition Leader; he also accepts the employment terms and conditions associated with said position.
    Let me know if you would like me to break it down even further for your understanding…

  2. Is the opposition leader taking his position in office to criticize the ruling party or to act as support system for the nation? He should be assisting the ruling party in the decision making process since he has past experience and seems to know what’s best for the nation. What has become of the “motto”of Guyana? One people,One nation,One Destiny. Critics often displays our level of maturity.

  3. this is one of the dumbest bill to be passed, if a person is on pension that he should not be engaged in any form of paid employment The Bill states “A former President shall cease to be entitled to the benefits and other facilities provided under section 3, if the former President engages in business, trade or paid employment or is convicted of a criminal offence for which a term of imprisonment is imposed.”
    therefore all pensioners who are receiving pension and are employed the government should stopped their pension too.!!!!!!!

  4. Of course he will prefer to get his pension. It is more money than he would get as opposition leader. If he takes the salary, he will have to forgo his pension. This is the person talking about who duped who. Laughable.

  5. To all you posting :- Check this out… it is 100 days now and Granger/Moses has come up with crap on Bharat….time for rhetoric has long gone…. the PNC/AFC coalition is faced with a reality they can’t comprehend…the lies and deceit have caught up with them… one get heart attack already… Ramjattan is clueless… now they want international help for crime ? They running things now…. they have ALL THE INTELLIGENCE ON EVERYTHING EVERYDAY …why they can’t contain the crime ? ask Felix ? Ask the intellectual authors of Mashramani jail break. Want more advice ? Ask the intellectual authors of the Buxton, Lusignan, Bartica, Linden ?
    Need more ? Know what, they are now fearful of losing the next round of elections because of their inherent incapacity of governing and they are seeing the crime “phenomenon” as a major discredit and are trying to bolster their image… face it AFC/PNC.. YOU ARE OVER YOUR HEAD !!!! simply clueless Joes !!!!

  6. Lord, jagdeo belly-wak dribbling from his mouth with his stupid ill conceived comments…. No one is interested in what this corrupt thief has to say..your a nobody now you just need to get use to it

  7. This guy is a criminal and he has to face the music. This Scum is not supposed to be in Parliament, he is a criminal. Until he is cleared of all criminal acts then he should be allowed to enter the Parliament. Let him be tried first.

  8. really its immoral to choose more money for less money..i would think thats common sense but thats not something u would know abt eh?

  9. Sorry I meant to say too bad he was not convicted of his crimes, wondering if the FBI has a sealed warrant for him like they had for his friend Roger Khan, whom implicated him in his drug crimes. I guess everyone forgot that article written a few years ago when he was still the president.

  10. You should only be able to collect a pension if you are retired. He’s “on the job”, therefore, collect a salary or leave. The new Administration seem to be afraid of this man.

  11. Can Jagdeo forgo his salary and benefits as Opposition Leader while occupying this office and opt instead to collect an official pension as former President?

    The coalition regime did pass a law making it clear that if a former president resumes working he cannot continue collecting his pension. This seems headed to the court, but there is no law that protects Jagdeo here. He wants to eat his cake and expect to still have it?

  12. WOW!! Here we have yet another example of the character of Dr. Jagdeo.
    One would think that he would take every opportunity to demonstrate to his constituents why he deserves to represent them as Leader of the Opposition. However, yet again, all he does is demonstrates his greed.
    What is the constitutionality of this decision? Is there any legal precedence that allows him the choice?
    We all know that this is an immoral decision. However, are there any legal grounds for the government of Guyana to enforce the policy of paid employment??


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