Jagdeo signals warning to public officials who discriminate, act illegally

  • says PPP/C creating database of ALL complaints against public officials who commit any illegal, discriminatory acts

By Kristen Macklingam

Amid widespread reports of discrimination and ‘witch hunting’ by the APNU/AFC Government since its assumption to office just over 10 months ago, Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has warned that his Party is taking note of all such claims and complaints  and storing them in a specially created ‘database’ for future reference and action.

He also made it clear that public officers who practice unlawful and discriminatory acts by taking illegal instructions from political authoritative figures (their seniors) will be in ‘hot water’ if they cannot provide evidence that they are/were forced to operate in such manner.

Addressing a news conference today, Dr Jagdeo stated that if at any time, whether at present or in the future, his Party (People’s Progressive Party/Civic) resumes office and such cases are unearthed then those guilty will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

In this regard, he disclosed that the PPP/C is currently having a database created where all claims and complaints about public officers committing any illegal or discriminatory acts are being documented and stored.

According to Jagdeo, his Party will be reviewing “every single case” reported which alleges that a public officer has acted against specific individuals as a result of political directive or has executed his/her duties in a manner that is contrary to the laws of Guyana.

The former President posited that he is in favour of the enactment of the “whistle-blower legislation” which he opines can help to protect any public officer who offers evidence against their seniors.

He maintained that the PPP/C will not demonstrate “witch hunts” and therefore public servants need not fear that they could/would end up in trouble if the Opposition Party is re-elected to Office.

“Some public officers may be exposed to political directions, they’re fearful that their jobs would be on the line if they don’t carry them out…so (the) whistle-blower legislation will basically protect those officers…we will understand that they were pressured by the political leadership into committing illegal acts,” Jagdeo told reporters.

In light of this, Jagdeo urged that public officers keep records of the details such as dates and times, the nature of the instruction and to make copies of correspondence to support the fact that they would have been given illegal instructions by any politician.

Promising to investigate every act that is presented to his Party as a complaint about the above mentioned, he noted that for the public officers who act professionally they will have nothing to fear.


  1. What about illegal acts by PPP/C officials in previous years? Will he jail them? What about feral blasts by his ex- Minister of Education against the previous U.S. ambassador in his own house?(which is U.S. territory).

  2. Hypocrite Jagdeo. I think he suffers from amnesia. The Apnu/Afc is merely cleaning the incompetent persons who were installed in those offices by PPP after they fired (using Rohee) the qualified and competent persons in 1992.


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