Jagdeo says Ed Ahmad land deal was cancelled since 2009

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]
Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Describing statements made by State Minister, Joseph Harmon over a land lease deal with convicted fraudster Edul Ahmad as “distortions,” Former President Jagdeo is now attempting to pull himself clean out of the scandal.

On Thursday, December 10, Harmon had revealed that under Jagdeo’s Presidency, Ahmad was afforded the option of leasing the prime piece of land for a menial amount of $500,000 per annum.

Even more, Harmon stated that the entire process took place while the land was the subject of a legal dispute with the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) and was completed in just about 7 days.

Jagdeo in an exclusive comment to iNews stated that Harmon’s utterances are distortions of what actually transpired.

“Sounds more like distortion. Revelations can’t describe an issue that was widely reported on since 2008,” said Jagdeo.

Ed Ahmad
Ed Ahmad

Jagdeo, who currently serves as Opposition Leader, also indicated that Harmon cannot cancel a lease that was relinquished in 2009.

Several hours after a follow up email was sent to Jagdeo, there was no response as to why the land was leased to Ahmad at such a low price and the fact that the entire transaction was completed in seven days.

It was revealed that while Ahmad made an initial payment of $500,000 for the lease, no other payments were made and the government would now be moving to repossess the property.

The land was leased to develop a Hotel that would include 150 rooms, a casino, and a bar, among other amenities. It was noted that after a certain period of time, Ahmad would have been allowed to purchase the land from the State.



  1. I believe,in the first instance,this deal between Jagdeo and Ahmad should not have taken place.This indicates how corrupt Jagdeo has been through the years.The issuing of Radio and Telivision lincences come to mind.It does not matter when these transactions took place,it is wrong and illegal,and this is the individual who is hoping to be leader again of a government that will continue to be corrupt.This will not happen again,trust me.

  2. Ali and Edy you are both clowns,that transaction should have never occured.Thats a blatant disregard for the Guyanese people,who does Jagdeo think he is?that selfish racist corrupt and arrogant monster who has no heart and remorse.Had not been for the new Govt no one would have known of this secret deal.Guyana doesnt belong to Bharat and the PPP but to the Guyanese masses.Bharat is nothing else that a shameless parasite who cannot come to grip with DEFEAT.The PPP will never get back into power,the Guyanese masses removed them and the masses will keep them out of power.People are tired of their stupidity and lies,let them go to HELL THOSE SINNERS WHO HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS FOR ALL THOSE LIVES THAT WERE LOST UNDER THEIR REGIME AND ALSO THE MILLIONS OF CRIMES THAT WERE UNSOLVED COUPLED WITH THE MAGNITUDE OF CORRUPTIONS.

  3. If you and Jagdeo have the facts about the lease being revoked in 2009, please produce or cite it. Otherwise shut your claptrap.
    Why don’t you address the fact that Jagdeo pretty much ‘gave’ Ahmad land purportedly belonging to the GPSU, the same way he ‘gave’ Barbie Doll the pharmaceutical company and the santa clause complex and a huge stake in the Berbice Bridge?
    Folks like you are enablers of Jagdeo’s corruption prone history in government by focusing on critics while ignoring what Jagdeo allowed and tries even now to defend and distort.
    Jagdeo cannot and should not ever be allowed to preside over another government in Guyana.
    A wannabe champ who is a scamp and a vamp deserving of an iron clamp.

  4. C’mon, Eddie, spill the beans and let us know what state property Van West Charles sold or leased dirt cheap to a crony!

  5. big mouth Harmon is accusing Jagdeo of wrongdoing but give Van West Charles a pass go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least it took a while for these PPP to become corrupt but BOY it’s only a couple of month and these idiot is looking to be worst then the PPP I wonder what the ABC countries have to say about this shit ID lives don’t matter

  6. Jagdeo and his blogging minions want us to believe the lease was revoked in 2009, but we did not even know there was, a lease in the first place and no one can find a newspaper account of the revocation. This is why what Harmon said is a bombshell revelation and what Jagdeo is saying is the attempted distortion.
    Again, Jagdeo should tell the nation why he leased land that belonged to the GPSU to Ahmad and at such a cheap price with the option to later on purchase. This boy continues to be free to thumb his nose at the entire country because he believes he cam get away with his skullduggery.

  7. Mr.Joseph Harmon and everyone in this government need training. They just want to talk without knowing the facts. Please request the leader of opposition to train all you guys because he is the only one person who can help you out and save ya all from such blunders.


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