Jagdeo promises GMSA tax reversals when PPP assumes office

Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Former president and opposition leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo promises to reverse a number of taxes when the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) gets back into power.

This was disclosed when he delivered the main address at the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) Dinner held at the Guyana Pegasus on Friday night.

Jagdeo said that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has become an arm of the politics of government and told the gathering that his government will re-examine every case where there is an allegation of unfair tax treatment or excessive action on the part of officers.

“Anyone who acts capriciously, bullies the private sector etc., we are prepared to review cases in the future when the PPP gets back in office” Jagdeo said while noting that he will support every revenue officer to go after taxes but advised that there is a civilized, impartial, professional way of doing this.

The former President also sought to placate the manufacturing sectors concerns as it pertained to the current challenges plaguing the business industry, including government’s broadening of the Valued Added Tax (VAT) base.

“We have to go back to the discretionary powers …outside of acts of the judiciary, I am talking about the VAT and the ability to stop anyone from leaving Guyana without a court order because you have outstanding VAT payments, VAT payments for most businessmen is in a flux, it is always their… at any point in time in the cycle you could be owing VAT, that means you can be stopped at any point in time from traveling, which is a breach of your fundamental rights” The Opposition Leader noted.

Speaking for over an hour Jagdeo expounded on a number of burning issues affecting the manufacturing sector including the controversial parking meter matter.

(Story and photos by Carl Croker)


  1. He wants Tax reversal?? What about reversing the money stolen from the treasury..peoples tax money!!

  2. Hopes and dreams are comforts to the fools who want to believe in them,this tick has done nothing for the citizens of Guyana and is campaigning for power to fatten the bank accounts of friends and family,Guyanese wake up and get rid of pppapnupnc they are all the same in culture but different in style,


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