Iwokrama launches bird guide


The Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development has announced the publication of its bird guide.

According to the Centre, ‘Guide to the Birds of Iwokrama’ is an introduction to 50 of the 471 bird species that have been recorded in the Iwokrama forest.

It contains concise descriptions of each species and/or guidance on where each may be seen as well as outstanding colour illustrations.

The guide is the second in a series developed and published by the Centre.

The first being the ‘Guide to the Mammals of Iwokrama’, which was initially published in 1999 and reprinted in 2017.

The author of the bird guide, Mr Meshach Pierre, is a Guyanese conservation biologist with an interest in birds, mammals, and human-wildlife coexistence.

Iwokrama says it also acknowledges the efforts of Ms Daisy Payne in the compilation of this publication and thanks Repsol Exploracion (Guyana S.A) for the invaluable support given.

The online versions of both the bird and mammal guides may be viewed at www.iwokrama.org


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