“It wasn’t good to put padded legs on table”: Russell on Samuels


West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell said it “wasn’t good” on compatriot Marlon Samuels’ part to address a press conference with his padded legs on the table after their World T20 triumph early this month.

“A lot of people ask me if he (Samuels) is from Jamaica. He is from Jamaica but he is a different Jamaican. He is a confident fellow. He has won the World T20 twice, as you know after winning the World T20. He played a tremendous knock against Sri Lanka in 2012 and he had done it again in the final against England this year,” Russell said.

IMAGE: Marlon Samuels keeps his legs on the table at the post-match press conference of World T20 final.Photograph: Twitter.
 Marlon Samuels keeps his legs on the table at the post-match press conference of World T20 final. (Photo: Twitter)

“I heard that when he went inside the post match press conference, he did put his foot up. I don’t know how to explain that but it wasn’t good,” he said when asked about Marlon Samuel’s act after the recent World T20 cricket tournament in India.

“But at the same time, being a world champion for me was a very good feeling. Cricket just it continues and goes on. I did celebrate for a week and then that’s it, then straight into IPL as it all started. That was hilarious from Marlon,” Russell added.

 Talking about Kolkata Knight Riders’ good run at IPL-9, Russell said: “IPL has been good for us. Can’t complain, win four lost one. We want to keep the momentum going and have the winning run going from here as well. Happy to be with the team, wonderful environment. I am relaxed, composed. Don’t want to be too excited and then not do well after that. We want to play positive and want to go step by step and win the title.”

Australian spinner Brad Hogg said he was impressed with Sunil Narine, who made a good comeback after being cleared by ICC following his remodelling of bowling action.

“Sunil (Narine) did really work hard on his action. A lot of respect goes to Sunil. He has been really put under fire. I don’t want to be too liberal on it. He has rectified and got a fantastic action now. He is now very hard to pick,” he said.

“I am very pleased with what Sunil has done, the way he has approached it and comeback into the game and I hope he comes back to international cricket as well.” (Reprinted from Rediff Cricket)

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