“It doesn’t matter who says I must go” – Royston King

  • responding to numerous calls for his removal as Town Clerk


Amid mounting calls for his removal as Town Clerk, Royston King has lashed back at his critics saying “everyone has a democratic right to voice their opinions” but as long as he is Town Clerk, the laws, bylaws and rules and regulations will be upheld.

In an interview with INews earlier today, King said he has always had the country and city’s best interest at heart, even before he became the Town Clerk and he intends to keep it that way even if he is removed from his current post.  “The city has laws, bylaws and rules and regulations and as long as I’m Town Clerk, they will be strictly observed by the city. If I leave City Hall, I’ll be doing the same thing, in a different organisation,” he posited.

Town Clerk, Royston King
Town Clerk, Royston King

In a response to the accusations posed by Councilor and Member of the Public Health Market Committee, Andrea Marks, stating that the Town Clerk does not consult with members of the Council before carrying out his “unacceptable” duties (referring to the removal of vendors), King told INews that it was not compulsory for him to notify the council since the “suspension of vendors” was an administrative issue.
“First of all, that is administrative so I don’t have to consult the councilors. My duties and responsibilities are stipulated by the Municipality Councilors act, chapter 28:01 and I’m guided by this,” King declared.

The Town Clerk further explained that his decision to have the vendors suspend their trade at the Robb Street, Georgetown location was not an abrupt one, but rather the result of the merchants/vendors disobeying many prior warnings from City Hall officials regarding the deplorable state of the area.  King pointed out that an initial agreement was made with the vendors of that location months ago, where they agreed to maintain the sanitation of the vending location. However, when this agreement was breached, King said he was forced to act in a manner that caters for the “citizen’s right to a clean and healthy environment.”

Additionally, King further stated that regardless of those against him being the Town Clerk, he will continue acting in a manner that would ensure the City benefits.

“It does not matter who says I must go. My doing what I’m doing is not because I’m the Town Clerk…my doing what I’m doing is based on love, conviction and my duty to my city and to my country,” he asserted.

Calls for the Town Clerk to be fired increased after he opted to remove vendors from their location between Alexander and Bourda Streets, on Robb Street last Tuesday.

Just yesterday, during City Hall’s statutory meeting, Councilor Andrea Marks staged a peaceful protest where she held up placards which read: “Royston King must go” and “Has Royston King taken up where Sooba left off?”

Following this, the Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Sherod Duncan has taken to social media to announce his full support of Marks’ call for King to be fired as Town Clerk.


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