IT companies eye Guyana as concerns raised over political risks

CEO of Qualfon Mike Marrow speaking at the sod turning ceremony of the -building campus at Providence.
CEO of Qualfon Mike Marrow speaking at the sod turning ceremony of the -building campus at Providence.
CEO of Qualfon Mike Marrow speaking at the sod turning ceremony of the -building campus at Providence.

Several companies that provide information technology-related services are examining Guyana for more opportunities as the state investments and incentives in the sector expand. But several of these are said to be fazed by the “uncertain politics” taking place in the National Assembly.

The exit of Sithe Global from the Amaila Hydroproject due to the opposition’s non-support has sent ripples through the international investment community searching for opportunities in Guyana. One investor told Inews that his company is watching what will play out in Guyana before making the “next significant leap in the IT sector.” The investor noted that Guyana has a generally “good investment image” but recent developments in the National Assembly can “blemish the investment attractiveness of the country.”

This comes as Qualfon Guyana, one of four Information Communication Technology (ICT) investors operating in Guyana, Chief Executive Officer Mike Marrow; expressed confidence in Guyana’s economy, which has been the main motivating factor behind the many investments.

“There are lots of countries that compete in this space, countries that we operate in but … we believe of all those locations the place to put one of the largest call centres in the world is right here,” Marrow said in his remarks.

A high calibre workforce, diverse culture and a strong government leadership with unwavering dedication to economic growth are some of the key ingredients that the investors have spotted here.  Qualfon operates as well in the Philippines, Columbia, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala.

“I spent 20 years in this business doing work for many multinational companies around the globe… Guyana is world class,” Boyer said while speaking at the sod turning ceremony for the state-of-the art multi-building campus in which Qualfon is investing.

A company out of Mexico, Qualfon holds the reputation as the largest private employment provider in Guyana to date, has established a second location at Sparendaam on the East Coast Demerara, has created in excess of 2,000 jobs for mostly young Guyanese and will facilitate the creation of 6,000 new IT jobs with the establishment of the state-of-the art multi-building campus at Providence on the East Bank of Demerara.

President Donald Ramotar and Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh were present at the sod-turning and lauded the company’s bold investment in the new sector of the economy.




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