Ist year in office: PPP urges not to be misled by the “propaganda shenanigans” of APNU+AFC


The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) in a press statement issued earlier today said that it is “amused and tickled” at the “shameless attempt by the APNU+AFC to throw dust in the eyes of the Guyanese people” regarding its (Government’s) claims of ‘achievements’ over the past year in office.

The David Granger administration.
The David Granger administration.

The APNU/AFC Government, in marking its first year in office, is boasting of fulfilling most of its promises to Guyanese citizens, including raising public servants’ pay, establishing three new townships, restoring press freedom and so on. However, the PPP/C is of the view that the Coalition had failed the nation in many regards.

Promising to expose the “lies and half truths” of the APNU/AFC Government, the party is calling on all citizens “not to be fooled nor misled by the propaganda shenanigans” of the administration.

Following is the full statement:

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has taken note of the APNU+AFC’s advertisement “Guyana Unleashed” in the daily newspapers to mark one (1) year in Government.

The PPP is amused and tickled at the shameless attempt by the APNU+AFC to throw dust in the eyes of the Guyanese people.

Of the 50 “unleashments” listed in the advertisement, 40 are downright lies and half-truths, a few illustrations would suffice;

  1. “Increased Salaries for Public Servants”. If this was the case, why did the TUC/ FITUG, at their May Day Rally, demand government to de-link the completion of the Commission of Inquiry into the Public Service from the long overdue salary increase for public servants and which was supported in the APNU+AFC Manifesto promise?
  2. “Press Freedom Restored”. If this is the case, the government needs to explain why the US State Department’s 2015 Report hammered the APNU+AFC government on the lack of press freedom in Guyana?
  3. “Local Government Elections held after 22 Years”.  A blatant distortion. The facts are that the PNC utilized every effort to prevent the holding of the local government elections following successive General and Regional elections since 2006. They frustrated the work of the Task Force set-up to review the laws and as a consequence, had no alternative but to support Motion after Motion laid in the National Assembly calling for the postponement of local government elections.
  4. “Political Victimization Abolished”. A blatant lie; Thousands were arbitrarily dismissed from their jobs on the ground of racial and political discrimination and victimization. A massive, on-going witch-hunt is currently underway to purge the public service and State Boards of persons suspected of being supporters of the PPP/C.
  5. “3 New Townships”. This is a PPP/C programme under the GOG/CDB’s Secondary Infrastructure Programme. The PPP administration initiated several rounds of consultations with residents in the relevant communities. The APNU+AFC terminated the consultations and went ahead denying residents any further meaningful consultations.  Declaring “Townships” is no big deal when there are no plans for the provision of key and critical services to residents in those communities.  Moreover, the naming of townships has no connection whatsoever with local government elections especially since the elections are incomplete.
  6. “Restored Billions from Phantom Accounts to Treasury”. A total lie! Questions have been asked in the National Assembly about how much money has been transferred to the Consolidated Fund since the APNU+AFC assumed office.  Questions have been asked time and again  of the Granger administration to name the “Phantom Accounts” and how much money were in the so-called “Phantom Accounts”.  While in opposition, the APNU+AFC had demanded that monies held in these “Phantom Accounts” be transferred to the Consolidated Fund. To date, the APNU+AFC has failed to do so.
  7. “Over $40 Billion for Public Security; Lower Crime Rates; Aggressive Crime solving, Fishermen protected against Piracy”. The security experts ensconced at the Ministry of the Presidency have all failed. They are tripping over each other trying to prove who knows best. There is no anti-crime plan, “Operation Dragnet” is a colossal failure. Citizens do not feel safe on the streets nor at work or in their own homes. Public safety and security has turned out to be a total disaster.

The list can go on and on but more will be revealed with from time to time in keeping with the Party’s commitment to expose the lies and half-truths manufactured by sections of the media and swallowed hook, line and sinker by the APNU+AFC while in opposition making them their own worst enemy.

The PPP calls on Guyanese not to be fooled nor misled by the propaganda shenanigans of the APNU+AFC administration.



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