Israel is a “ruthless murderous machine” – CIOG President



By Leroy Smith

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – President of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG), Fazeel Ferouz said that all nations need to come together and condemn the actions of Israel on Palestine and Gaza where several lives have been lost due to Israel offensive.

Ferouz described Israel a “murderous machine” during a protest in front of the Umana Yana in Kingston, Georgetown targeting the United States Embassy.

The protest was initially slated to be held in front of the US Embassy on Young Street but police prevented the orderly crowd from doing so.

The religious leader stated that Israel has an army which is financed by the US government.Iarael protest

He said that nations of the world should fight to have the issue of Israel and Palestine return to the front burner and be addressed with calls for cease fires and peace between the two countries.

He said the protest is not about Muslims since there are Christians also living in the country but has to do with the loss of innocent lives, including children.




  1. Michael, I’m pretty sure you are the dumb one. Have you ever thought what sort of conditions the Palestinians live in?!! Israel is first world and it controls what products get to Palestine, steals their homes, hurts and kills innocent people. Signing a cease fire for Israel means they sign something that stops them from KILLING innocent people. They are guilty and should have NO issues with signing it as they have been MURDERING innocent families. Palestinian’s on the other hand must still live with all the ill treatment from the Israelis. You sit quietly and judge- You should go to Gaza and see what it is like to live there with Israel bullying you. You make it seem like all it takes is for Hamas to sign a treaty to stop the killing. Yes they should, but there are SANCTIONS against Palestinians that causes them to not even have BASIC rights! You should pay attention to that. ARE YOU dumb enough to really think that Palestinian’s will be living in peace if Hamas signs a cease fire treaty?!

  2. these dumb ass people should pay attention whats going on Hamas does not what to sign the cease fire treaty. Israel will do it willingly

  3. Any lost of life is one too many……besides,you don’t kill unarmed women and children and called that war…..Justify that to the world!!!!!!

  4. The enthusiasm of Shamal in this process is commendable. InshaALLAH, this time around we will have some favourable reactions…………. Because our feelings originate in the HEART

  5. all nations except Canada GB Aussie NewZ Land …these countries are poodles to US…they must dance to US rhythm n beat…take a very serious look and digs deep into those islamic countries doing big weapon business with America..they taking their billions of dollars and buying up US made weapons..dont protest that…dont


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